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I have been following the ebb and flow of financial markets for more than 30 years. I have worked for brokers and asset managers in commodities, money markets, capital markets, equities and foreign exchange.

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A Review Of Stock Market Valuations - Part 2
Shorter-term indicators suggest the markets have run ahead of fundamentals.
A Review Of Stock Market Valuations
As global stock markets continue to rise, commentators talk of a bubble.
US Stocks In 2020 And The Prospects For 2021
The US stock market is making all-time highs. It has been a torrid year. The 35% shakeout in the S&P 500, seen in March, turned out to be the best buying opportunity in several years.
Relax, Rotate, Reflate
With US elections over and a vaccine in sight, financial market uncertainty has declined.
The Prospects For Emerging And Frontier Markets In The Post-Covid Environment
The Covid pandemic has accelerated several economic trends.
Musings On Low Interest Rates And Skewed Asset Prices
Central banks have been at the forefront of the national responses to the coronavirus recession. This week, we delve into the different approaches and philosophies at play.
Step-Change At The Fed – Reaching For The Stars
The Federal Reserve has changed the emphasis of their dual mandate Inflation targeting will become more flexible in the long-run Full employment has become the Bank’s priority Asset markets will be the immediate beneficiaries
When Does A Recession Become A Depression?
The geopolitics of trade policy, already a source of tension before the pandemic struck, has been turbo-charged by the simultaneous supply and demand shocks and their impact on global supply chains.
The Fiscal Centralization Of Europe Will Not End Well
One of the side effects of the corona pandemic has been a new, integrated fiscal response from European governments. After five days of negotiation the EU27 agreed, last month, to allow the raising of debt at the federal level.
After The Flood – Beyond Fiscal And Monetary Intervention
The monetary and fiscal stimulus to ameliorate the effect of the pandemic has exceeded $9trln. Stock markets have recovered, although most are below their February highs.
A Brave New World For Value Investing
Stock markets have rebounded from their March lows on fiscal and monetary stimulus. The prospect of further fiscal spending and broader quantitative easing remains. The global economy has changed forever and value analysis is back in demand.
EC A Rose By Any Other Name - Coronabonds And The Future Of The Eurozone
A European fiscal spending package worth Euro 540bln has been agreed upon as Eurozone bonds have crashed and recovered and Coronabonds have been found unnecessary.
Epidemics, Economic Growth And Stock-Market Performance – An Historical Perspective
Given the continued lack of clarity about COVID-19 in terms of numbers infected and numbers suffering, it may seem futile to attempt to gauge the potential economic impact of the current Coronavirus outbreak.
When The Facts Change
The coronavirus is a human tragedy, but the markets remain sanguine.
US Bonds – 2030 Vision – A Decade In The Doldrums
Having reached their yield low at 1.32% in July 2016, US 10yr bond yields have been locked in, just shy of, a 2% range for the last two and half years (subsequent high 3.25% and low 1.43%).
The Beginning Of The End Of Uncertainty For The UK
The UK election result was a clear mandate for Brexit. A UK/EU free-trade agreement may not be ready by December 2020. Uncertainty remains but real economic progress can now begin.
1 to 16 of 74 Posts
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