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Certified Consulting Meteorologist, 35 years experience
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I am one of about 300 Certified Consulting Meteorologists (#579, American Meteorological Society) and specialize in how extreme weather events impact commodities and equities. I do long-range forecasting of extreme weather events up to a year in advance and apply those forecasts to ... more


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The First Tropical Depression Of The Hurricane Season
A low pressure center east of St. Augustine, Florida, grow stronger through mid-week, passing Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, Friday.
Floods Strike The Corn Belt
Corn and soybeans are expected to rise next week due to worsening crop conditions. The Chicago Tribune reports via Reuters that the barge terminals for CHS Inc and Cargill may not ship at all next week.
E Weather Events That Will Affect Stocks And Commodities Through June 30
Weather can impact the markets and here is a look at some of the weather events coming up over the next two weeks.
Dry Weather Stresses U.S. Corn Belt
Part of the Corn Belt is experiencing crop stress because it has been too dry. Conditions should improve in the next one to two weeks.
El Nino Will Continue To Send Coffee Percolating Up
A number of commodities are going to see a significant drop in production this year due to El Niño, but it’s the other black gold keeping that will be among those hit the hardest.
1 to 5 of 5 Posts