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Protecting client assets from bear markets while maintaining upside potential

Chris Wang is a Senior Vice President and Director of Research of Runnymede Capital Management. He is portfolio manager to the Runnymede Service Strategy which has superior investment results since launching the strategy in 2006.

He began his ... more

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Using Cash Over Credit Is Costing You Tens Of Thousands Of Dollars
3 years ago

Thanks for your comments Cynthia. I agree added protection is another benefit but I would rank cash back/travel rewards as far outweighing buyer protection. Yes the protection is nice but I haven't had to use that in 20 years of credit card usage while I have used credit cards to build a 529 plan for my daughter, points for hotel stays and cash back in the thousands of dollars. Each card has many benefits that people need to be aware of...

Time To Invest In A Generator (Stock)?
3 years ago

Goldman is using EV/EBITDA and gets a price target of $53.

If you look at P/B, P/CF or P/S, they are all trading at the low end of their 5 year range.

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