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Protecting client assets from bear markets while maintaining upside potential

Chris Wang is a Senior Vice President and Director of Research of Runnymede Capital Management. He is portfolio manager to the Runnymede Service Strategy which has superior investment results since launching the strategy in 2006.

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Cloud Computing, Snowflake And Microsoft
Chris Wang speaks with Nicole Petallides, host of the Watch List and Market Overtime, about the cloud industry and its growing global megatrend.
The Tidal Wave Of Retail Spending Has Begun
American consumers are sitting on a $1.5 trillion war chest that is ready to be unleashed in the years ahead. January retail sales is just a hint of what's to come in 2021.
Wall Street Strategists Expecting Strong Market Ahead In 2021
Despite the lockdown induced recession, the epic stimulus from the Fed and policy makers helped drive stock market indices to all-time highs and the S&P finished at 3756, up over 16%.
How Will Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen Impact The Stock Market?
With a less adversarial approach to international trade, emerging markets and multinational corporations should be poised to benefit. Overall, Yellen should be bullish for stocks and the economy.
Is The Stock Market Predicting A Biden Victory?
One indicator is predicting our incumbent president's loss. The "Presidential Predictor," popularized by Sam Stovall, CFRA's chief investment strategist, tracks the S&P 500 performance from July 31 to October 31.
Capital One CEO Comments On The Biggest Disconnect Between Credit And Economy Ever
Last night on Capital One's 3Q earnings call, their founder and CEO Richard Fairbank made some interesting comments about what the credit card company is seeing in the COVID affected economy.
Does The China COVID Recovery Point To A V-Shaped US Recovery?
The manufacturing and industrial part of the Chinese economy has seen a remarkable recovery. For China, they still have a significant part (roughly 40%) of their economy in manufacturing so this bodes well for their economy.
How Many Jobs Aren't Coming Back Right Away?
In the last three weeks, over 15 million people have filed jobless claims. This is the sharpest employment loss in history. The unemployment rate will surpass 15% in short order and could even go to 20%+.
Don't Fight The Fed
There is an investment adage that says, "Don't fight the Fed." Put simply, when the Fed is providing liquidity to the markets, it should be an overall positive for the stock market, and you should be invested.
Jobless Claims Just Starting To Skyrocket
Last week jobless claims rose to 281,000. With the fast-moving COVID-19 eviscerating demand, this is just the initial blast off of jobless claims.
Fed Tries To Calm Markets But Instead Triggers Panic Selling
The Fed has limited ammo left in its arsenal. It could make even more asset purchases, buy equities like the Japanese, or try negative rates; but none of these options are particularly appealing.
Can Central Banks Fight Off The Effects Of Coronavirus?
The central banks can't boost economic activity but they can provide asset price inflation over the short term. The market is predicting another 50bps cut at the next Fed meeting in two weeks and also expects more stimulus from the ECB and BoJ.
Be Like Warren Buffett And Buy Fear
While the coronavirus is creating global fear, the markets are showing increased value relative to interest rates which are registering all-time lows.
Will The Coronavirus Infect Your Investment Portfolio?
The bull market has paused for the past few days as fears of the coronavirus spread.
Turning Concentration Into Diversification With An Exchange Fund
With stocks trading at all-time highs, many investors are sitting on significant capital gains and may have positions that become untradable because of the potential tax implications.
Wall Street Strategists Expecting A Flattish Market In 2020
The good news is that seven of nine Wall Street strategists are expecting the bull market to continue in 2020 with CSFB's Jonathan Golub the biggest bull at 3425, +6% from the December 31st close.
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