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Chris Svorcik became a Forex Educator and Analyst at Admiral Markets ( in 2013 and has made the transition to become a professional Forex trader in back 2008. Chris is also head of trading at Elite CurrenSea (, a website with cutting edge ... more


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EUR/USD, GBP/USD Uptrends Face ABC Corrections
The EUR/USD and GBP/USD bullish momentum is fading. Is price preparing for a reversal or will the bearish price action turn out to be a retracement for more uptrend?
EUR/USD Reversal Or Retrace At 1.25 (Weekly Forex Overview 29 Jan - 2 Feb '18)
The EUR/USD is in a strong uptrend but price is building a bearish movement after hitting the 1.25 round level.
US Dollar Completes Bearish ABC Within Bullish Correction
The US Dollar seems to have completed 3 bearish waves within a larger bullish correction.
US Dollar Trigger: EUR/USD, GBP/USD And USD/JPY
Analysis of the bull flag chart pattern within the EUR/USD uptrend, the GBP/USD approach of a support zone and potential head and shoulders pattern and the USD/JPY range within a triangle.
EUR/USD Bearish Continuation
The EUR/USD seems prepared for one more leg down to test the 1.16 support zone before continuing with the uptrend.
USD Reversal?
The EUR/USD uptrend saw strong bearish momentum appear after the NFP event. The bearish reversal could continue if the price stays below 1.1825.
EUR/USD At Critical Resistance, USD/JPY Bullish Wave 3 Impulse
The EUR/USD is at key resistance zone and I am expecting to trade a bearish reversal. The GBP/USD however looks bullish and could make a dash higher before turning.
EUR/USD In Key Zone, UJ And GU Bearish
The EUR/USD is in a substantial consolidation zone which requires a breakout before trading it with the exception of a potential bearish reversal.
EUR/USD Showing Multiple Reversal Signals
The EUR/USD is showing multiple reversal signals but is it indeed time to hunt for shorts or will the trend continue? Discover the top 7 reasons why a reversal seems likely but also find out what key pattern invalidates the market structure.
EUR/USD 38.2% Fib, USD/JPY Triangle
The EUR/USD is showing divergence which could cause a bearish reversal or retracement. The USD/JPY is also showing an interesting setup.
Trading Momentum, S&R And Patterns
A review of the Forex and the gold market.
USD Strength Testing Resistance First
EUR/USD is heading lower after breaking the sideways zone. It will now test the Keltner bands, and I am expecting a bullish bounce and a potential head and shoulders pattern.
Forex: Reversal Patterns At S&R
A review of the EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY and AUD/USD.
The Future Of The Euro: Gloom Or Glory?
Is there a path forward for the Euro currency and the Euro zone after a decade long struggle?
Weekly Forex Overview: USD Break, Pullback, Continuation
The US Dollar continued with its bullish trend against a basket of other currencies such as the EUR, GBP, JPY and AUD.
Expected Impact Of The US President On Financial Markets
With a new US President Trump now elected, what can traders and investors expect from the new President in the next 4 years? This webinar discusses the consequences of a new US President during the next 4 years for traders and investors.
1 to 16 of 30 Posts
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