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Chris Svorcik is co-founder, trader, and analyst with Elite CurrenSea ( since 2014. He is the creator of the trading method called ecs.SWAT (simple wave analysis and trading) which is based on the chart and price patterns of the financial markets. Chris’s ... more


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EUR/USD, GBP/USD Uptrends Face ABC Corrections
The EUR/USD and GBP/USD bullish momentum is fading. Is price preparing for a reversal or will the bearish price action turn out to be a retracement for more uptrend?
EUR/USD Reversal Or Retrace At 1.25 (Weekly Forex Overview 29 Jan - 2 Feb '18)
The EUR/USD is in a strong uptrend but price is building a bearish movement after hitting the 1.25 round level.
US Dollar Completes Bearish ABC Within Bullish Correction
The US Dollar seems to have completed 3 bearish waves within a larger bullish correction.
US Dollar Trigger: EUR/USD, GBP/USD And USD/JPY
Analysis of the bull flag chart pattern within the EUR/USD uptrend, the GBP/USD approach of a support zone and potential head and shoulders pattern and the USD/JPY range within a triangle.
EUR/USD Bearish Continuation
The EUR/USD seems prepared for one more leg down to test the 1.16 support zone before continuing with the uptrend.
USD Reversal?
The EUR/USD uptrend saw strong bearish momentum appear after the NFP event. The bearish reversal could continue if the price stays below 1.1825.
EUR/USD At Critical Resistance, USD/JPY Bullish Wave 3 Impulse
The EUR/USD is at key resistance zone and I am expecting to trade a bearish reversal. The GBP/USD however looks bullish and could make a dash higher before turning.
EUR/USD In Key Zone, UJ And GU Bearish
The EUR/USD is in a substantial consolidation zone which requires a breakout before trading it with the exception of a potential bearish reversal.
EUR/USD Showing Multiple Reversal Signals
The EUR/USD is showing multiple reversal signals but is it indeed time to hunt for shorts or will the trend continue? Discover the top 7 reasons why a reversal seems likely but also find out what key pattern invalidates the market structure.
EUR/USD 38.2% Fib, USD/JPY Triangle
The EUR/USD is showing divergence which could cause a bearish reversal or retracement. The USD/JPY is also showing an interesting setup.
Trading Momentum, S&R And Patterns
A review of the Forex and the gold market.
USD Strength Testing Resistance First
EUR/USD is heading lower after breaking the sideways zone. It will now test the Keltner bands, and I am expecting a bullish bounce and a potential head and shoulders pattern.
Forex: Reversal Patterns At S&R
A review of the EUR/USD, GBP/USD, USD/JPY and AUD/USD.
The Future Of The Euro: Gloom Or Glory?
Is there a path forward for the Euro currency and the Euro zone after a decade long struggle?
Weekly Forex Overview: USD Break, Pullback, Continuation
The US Dollar continued with its bullish trend against a basket of other currencies such as the EUR, GBP, JPY and AUD.
Expected Impact Of The US President On Financial Markets
With a new US President Trump now elected, what can traders and investors expect from the new President in the next 4 years? This webinar discusses the consequences of a new US President during the next 4 years for traders and investors.
1 to 16 of 30 Posts
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