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Chris Svorcik is co-founder, trader, and analyst with Elite CurrenSea since 2014. He is the creator of the trading method called ecs.SWAT (simple wave analysis and trading) which is based on the chart and price patterns of the financial markets. Chris’s favorite tools for Forex ... more


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EUR/USD Bullish Breakout In Wave C Of ABC Zigzag Pattern
The EUR/USD made a bullish bounce at the 144 ema close. The uptrend is now aiming at the Fibonacci targets after price action broke above the resistance. 
Bitcoin Entering Wave 4 Consolidation In Strong Uptrend
Bitcoin (BTC/USD) made a bullish breakout last week which reached the expected target at $57.5k. 
ETH/USD Bearish Decline Starts ABCDE Triangle Pattern Within Uptrend
Ethereum (ETH/USD) is in a strong uptrend. The bullish momentum is similar or even stronger than Bitcoin’s recent surge above $50k.
Gold Bullish Bounce At 38.2% Fib But Uptrend Pauses
Gold (XAU/USD) is building a bullish bounce around $1760-$1800.
EUR/USD Bullish Reversal Indicating Start Of ABC Zigzag Pattern
The EUR/USD made a bullish bounce at the 50-61.8% Fibonacci retracement levels.
GBP/USD Bullish Reversal And Breakout Aiming For 1.40 Target
The GBP/USD made a bullish reversal at the 1.2820-50 support zone.
EUR/USD Ascending Wedge Chart Pattern In Final Wave 5
The EUR/USD is building an ascending wedge chart pattern. A breakout indicates one more push higher as part of wave 5 (orange) of wave A (grey). 
NZD/USD Aims At 0.75 For +250 Pips After Completing Wave-4
The NZD/USD is building a choppy, sideways price movement at the 21 ema zone. This is typical for a wave 4 correction.
USD/JPY Bullish Reversal At 61.8% Fibonacci And 144 Ema Zone
The USD/JPY made a bearish retracement after completing a wave 3 or C (pink). But the price is showing a bullish reversal, which could indicate a new uptrend. 
GBP/USD Wrestle Back Control & Aim For 1.40 Target
The GBP/USD broke below the rising wedge… but price action failed to reverse. 
Bitcoin Bull Flag And Fibonacci Offers Trading Ideas
Bitcoin (BTC/USD) has tested and bounced upwards from the 21 ema support zone.
EUR/USD Bearish Break Below 1.20 Aims At 1.1750
The EUR/USD made a bearish breakout as expected in our Elliott Wave analysis on Tuesday. Price action fell below 1.2050 towards the round psychological support at 1.20.
Microsoft Bullish Uptrend Expecting Small Dip To 38.2% Fibonacci
The Microsoft stock remains in a solid uptrend. Recently, a strong bullish breakout occurred after a sideways, consolidation zone. 
EUR/USD Descending Wedge Chart Pattern Aims At 1.20 & 1.1875
The EUR/USD is building a descending wedge triangle chart pattern. This indicates a bearish breakout sooner or later. Let’s review the key support and resistance zones.
USD/JPY Uptrend Confirmed With Break & Strong Impulse
The USD/JPY made a strong bullish breakout above the resistance trend line (dotted orange). Therefore, the impulsive bullish price swing is probably a wave 3 pattern.
EUR/USD Bullish Wave C Within Bearish ABC Pattern
The EUR/USD is building a bearish pullback within the long-term uptrend. Price action is expected to build either an ABC or ABCDE triangle pattern (pink) on the daily chart.
1 to 16 of 643 Posts
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