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I am the Chief Economist at ING Germany. I have a broad international background in economics and finance, combining public and private sector experience in economic analysis and policy-making. Main focus: Europe, Eurozone, Germany and ECB. My career started in the public sector at the ...more


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Three Things To Watch At Next Week’s ECB Meeting
We expect further subtle changes to the European Central Bank's communication next week, paving the way for a June rate cut.
German Disinflation Continues In February, Sending Mixed Signals To The ECB
Today's German macro data will fuel speculations about an early ECB rate cut as disinflation continues and economic activity remains weak.
Ifo Index Not Strong Enough To Bring Back Optimism
Germany's Ifo index gives very little hope of an imminent rebound.
ECB Minutes Mark The Next Step On A Very Long Road To Rate Cuts
The minutes of the ECB’s January meeting underlined the very gradual shift towards eventual rate cuts.
German ZEW Index Increases In February
There are still some pockets of optimism. The increase in Germany's ZEW economic sentiment index in February shows there is still light at the end of a very long tunnel.
Pain From ECB Hikes Is Set To Shift South
We expect the impact of ECB tightening to have a larger impact on southern than northern Eurozone countries in 2024.
German Industrial Production Plunges Again
Industrial production plunged again, ending the year 2023 at some 10% below pre-pandemic levels, but we are seeing the very first signs of light at the end of a long tunnel.
German Inflation Drops To Its Lowest Level Since June 2021
The drop in German inflation will fuel speculation about an early ECB rate cut, but underneath a favourable headline number, there are still plenty of price pressures to worry about.
German Economy Still Stuck In Recession
Now it's official, the German economy shrank by 0.3% quarter-on-quarter at the end of 2023. An imminent improvement is not in sight.
ECB Keeps Rates And Communication Unchanged, Discussion Of Rate Cuts Premature
European Central Bank President Christine Lagarde stressed during the press conference that any discussion on rate cuts was still premature.
No Hints On Future Direction As ECB Keeps Everything On Hold
No changes from the European Central Bank. And the policy statement gives no hints of possible next steps.
German Ifo Index Drops To Its Lowest Level Since 2020
Pessimism is now fully back in Germany as new supply chain disruptions and a train drivers' strike increase the risk of yet another quarter with a contracting economy.
Southern Europe To Feel The Most Lingering Pain This Year From ECB Rate Hikes
The impact of last year's ECB rate hikes is set to have a bigger impact on southern than northern Eurozone countries in 2024.
Between Doomsaying And Reality: There’s Still No Rush For Chinese Cars In Germany
Despite efforts by Chinese car manufacturers to take market share in Germany, they are still a long way from overtaking local producers.
Minutes Of December Meeting Show ECB Still Not Spelling Out Rate Cuts
The minutes of the ECB's December meeting show that the Bank was still far away from discussing rate cuts. This is unlikely to change at next week's meeting.
Eurozone: Still Caught Between Stagnation, Transition And Geopolitics
The Eurozone as a whole is still struggling to break free from sluggish growth. And with numerous elections this year, efficient decision-making is becoming increasingly difficult.
1 to 16 of 460 Posts
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