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I am the Chief Economist at ING Germany. I have a broad international background in economics and finance, combining public and private sector experience in economic analysis and policy-making. Main focus: Europe, Eurozone, Germany and ECB.

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Zew Index Adds To Bad Macro News Out Of Germany
August's ZEW reading only adds to the bad news out of Germany. The long list of risks and challenges the German economy is facing makes a recession in the second half of the year almost inevitable.
German Economy Avoided Contraction In 2Q
With stagnating GDP growth, the economy avoided a contraction in the second quarter but only just.
German Inflation Data Suggests No Relief In July
While the national inflation measure dropped for the second month in a row due to government relief measures, the European harmonized inflation measure shows that there is no inflation relief in sight.
German Ifo Adds To Recessionary Evidence
A sharp fall in the July Ifo index adds to the long list of downside risks for the German economy.
More News From The ECB Press Conference After First Rate Hike Since 2011
Forward guidance was changed to a “meeting-by-meeting” approach, which is a more dovish tweak compared with the aggressive forward guidance from the June meeting.
ECB Hikes Rates By 50bp And Softens Forward Guidance
A historic day for the European Central Bank. For the first time since 2011, the Bank has hiked interest rates and did so with a bang, hiking rates by 50bp.
ECB Gets Ready For Rate Lift-Off
Next week’s European Central Bank meeting will finally mark the very first-rate lift-off since 2011. The decision has been so well prepared that just delivering the expected could be a disappointment.
Germany: Unprepared For A Perfect Storm
Recession has become our base case but there is more: the economy is facing its biggest overhaul in decades.
Europe’s Recovery Is Cancelled
With a looming recession but stubbornly high inflation, the European Central Bank is facing multiple dilemmas.
German Inflation Comes Down As Government Measures Bite
The government's energy relief package pushed down German headline inflation in June. This is not a turning point – yet – but rather evidence that it is currently governments and not central banks that can bring down inflation.
Weak German Ifo Reading Reminds Us That Stagflation Is The Base Case
A weak Ifo reading in June should remind everyone that the German economy is feeling the full economic impact of the war in Ukraine, broader supply chain frictions, and higher inflation.
ECB Reacts To Recent Bond Spread Widening
When the ECB goes into an ad hoc meeting less than a week after its last official rate-setting meeting, we know it must be an emergency.
ECB Officially Ends Its Long Era Of Unconventional Monetary Policy
The European Central Bank has just announced its stopping net asset purchases by the end of the month and pre-announced two rate hikes of 25bp each in July and September.
Positive Surprise From German Exports
A surprise surge in April exports softens fears of a contraction of the entire German economy in the second quarter. However, exports are still facing several headwinds.
ECB Stuck In Sequencing
For next week’s European Central Bank meeting the only really interesting question is why they don’t start hiking rates immediately instead of waiting until July.
German Inflation Climbs To 8.7% In May
German inflation continues to accelerate, keeping alive the European Central Bank's discussion on a possible 50bp rate hike in July.
1 to 16 of 317 Posts
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