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I am the Chief Economist at ING Germany. I have a broad international background in economics and finance, combining public and private sector experience in economic analysis and policy-making. Main focus: Europe, Eurozone, Germany and ECB.

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From ECB: To Karlsruhe With Love
The minutes of the June meeting have “Karlsruhe” written all over it. But it looks as if the ECB has found an elegant way to end the controversy with the German constitutional court.
Germany: More Optimism
Optimism is back as the Ifo index continues to surge on the back of significantly improved expectations.
Eurozone: It’s A ‘V... At Least For Now
The latest Eurozone PMIs add more color to how two months of re-opening economies look like: a strong rebound but still in contractionary territory.
Germany: Austerity Champion Turns Into A Big Spender
Thanks to the government’s U-turn on fiscal policy, Germany should be one of the first and strongest countries to emerge from the crisis.
Germany: Paving The Path For A Recovery
With the fourth consecutive increase, the latest ZEW index paints a good picture of the path of recovery.
Germany: Worst Month Ever - The Final Chapter
The only upside from this morning's trade numbers is that in terms of monthly economic data, the worst should now be behind us.
Germany: Worst Month Ever
Another sharp drop in industrial production shows that April 2020 will be the worst month ever for the German economy.
ECB: More Bang And The Return Of The Compass
The ECB has increased its PEPP programme by 600bn euro but the weak inflation outlook leaves the door open for additional stimulus in the future.
ECB: More Bang
An increase of the PEPP programme by 600bn euro and the reinvestment of the PEPP proceeds underlines the ECB's determination to do 'whatever it takes'.
Germany: Another Fiscal Bang
German government agrees on a 130bn euro package to kickstart the economy.
Germany: The Expected Increase
The former stronghold of the economy is weakening, with another increase in unemployment.
Germany: Sliding Into Disinflation
Headline inflation continues its recent slide and shows that there are more disinflationary forces at play than just low oil prices
ECB Preview: More
We expect the European Central Bank to announce that it will increase its Pandemic Emergency Purchase Programme at next week’s meeting.
Revealed: The EU’s Massive Recovery Fund
The European Commission has finally revealed its plan for an EU recovery fund, and it's €750bn larger than the French-German proposal.
Germany: This Is Not A ‘V’
The just released Ifo index adds to evidence that the worst should be behind us. However, the route to normality will be long.
ECB: Ready To Do More
The just-released minutes of the ECB’s meeting on 30 April illustrates the high degree of uncertainty and the ECB’s clear readiness to do more.
1 to 16 of 167 Posts
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