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I am the Chief Economist at ING Germany. I have a broad international background in economics and finance, combining public and private sector experience in economic analysis and policy-making. Main focus: Europe, Eurozone, Germany and ECB.

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ECB: The Seven Days To Lagarde’s ‘whatever It Takes’
The just-released minutes of the 12 and 18 March European Central Bank meetings illustrate the ECB's road to another 'whatever it takes' moment and suggest that both a rate cut and more quantitative easing should not be ruled out.
What The Eurozone Needs To Do Next
While governments and central banks have already done a lot to tackle the economic fallout of COVID-19, what's still missing is a pan-European fiscal reaction.
Germany: Another Calm Before The Storm
Industrial orders data suggest that the international dimension of the Covid-19 impact on German industry was relatively mild in February.
Germany: Last Calm Before The Storm
Solid March data from the labour market is the last calm before the storm. All hope is on a crisis-fighting tool from the financial crisis.
Germany: Ifo Plunge - Another Illustration Of The Standstill
A historic plunge of the Ifo index is another illustration of how severe the standstill is, without even being able to measure the exact size yet.
Eurozone: Finance Ministers Show Solidarity But Prefer Separate Accounts
Tonight's meeting of Eurozone finance ministers showed that fiscal measures to tackle the crisis will remain coordinated. However, it remains a bottom-up rather than a top-down approach.
Germany: The Big Fiscal Bang
Today, the government will agree on an unprecedented fiscal package, trying to mitigate the economic impact from Covid-19 and the preventive measures to limit the outbreak.
Germany: Ifo Plunges In March
The sharpest monthly drop in the Ifo illustrates how the German economy has come to an abrupt standstill.
ECB: Lagarde’s Whatever It Takes’
Last night the ECB announced an all-in programme, in an attempt to redefine its role as lender of last resort. Remember that only last week ECB President Christine Lagarde said that she had no intention of having her own ‘whatever it takes’ moment.
Germany: A Recession Is Coming
The economic impact from Covid-19 and financial market turmoil make a technical recession in Germany inevitable. We expect the German economy to shrink by more than 1.5% year-on-year in 2020.
Latest Economic Views And Forecasts
Following some big market and central bank moves, we have updated our forecasts for growth and policy rates.
Eurozone: Bridging The Economic Fallout
As the economic impact of the coronavirus has become greater among eurozone economies, the focus has turned to policy makers and their responses. What are the policy options and what has already been done?
ECB: No 'Whatever-It-Takes' 2.0
The European Central Bank announces its first package to tackle the market turmoil and economic fallout from Covid-19.
ECB: Trying To Be Targeted
The ECB just announced its first package to tackle the latest market turmoil and the economic fallout of Covid-19.
ECB Preview: Lagarde’s First Test Case
This week’s ECB meeting will be the first test case for ECB president Christine Lagarde.
Germany: Government Decides On Additional Fiscal Stimulus
Signs of bottoming out at the start of the year now seem like a distant memory, given the current uncertainty and impact from Covid-19. Last night, the government decided on an initial fiscal package to address the economic fallout.
1 to 16 of 139 Posts
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