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I am the Chief Economist at ING Germany. I have a broad international background in economics and finance, combining public and private sector experience in economic analysis and policy-making. Main focus: Europe, Eurozone, Germany and ECB.

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Germany’s Reopening Party Disturbed By Supply Chain Frictions
The German economy rebounded in the second quarter, albeit at a slower pace than expected.
Germany: Inflation Unchained
German headline inflation made the expected summer jump in July, reaching its highest level since the summer of 2008. And there is more to come.
ECB Preview: Clarification Of The Clarification
Next week's ECB meeting should shed more light on whether the new strategy is just window-dressing and the formalization of the well-known monetary policy stance or actually a shift towards more dovishness.
EC ECB Minutes: The Return Of The Rift
The minutes of the ECB’s June meeting shed a somewhat less benign light on the ECB’s take on inflation than presented after the meeting itself.
German Exports Revival Continues In May
The export revival continues in Germany, albeit at a slower pace, but supply chain frictions could lead to more volatility in the months ahead.
Germany: Industrial Rebound Postponed
Disappointing industrial production data not only illustrates the negative impact from supply chain frictions but also suggests that the industrial rebound will come later than expected.
Germany: Labor Market Almost Back To Pre-Crisis Level
The labor market performance in June almost brings German unemployment back to its pre-crisis level.
German Inflation Cools Off But Likely To Resurge Soon
The latest drop in German headline inflation masks another surge that we think is around the corner, adding to an increasingly heated debate at the ECB about potential next steps towards tapering.
Inflation: Is It Something To Be Worried About?
Rising inflation in the US and Europe is likely to be transitory but the transition period may be longer and wobblier than previously anticipated.
Germany: Limitless Optimism
Another strong Ifo reading sets the bar for German growth even higher. Now the only thing that's missing is for the hard data to catch up .
Germany: Setback For Euro Federalists
The release of the CDU’s election manifesto suggests that the next German government is unlikely to push for radical reforms or a deepening of eurozone integration.
Germany: Industrial Orders Take A Break
April industrial orders data point to a temporary halt in industry's rebound. A delay not a derailment.
Germany: Last Test Before The September Election
The results of Sunday's election in Saxony-Anhalt once again illustrate that, even if there was any, the wind of change in German politics is currently very mild.
German Labour Market Starts To Leave The Crisis Behind
The best May performance of the labor market since 2012 provides more evidence of the economy's rebound.
German Inflation Continues To Surge Making Things Even More Complicated For The ECB
With headline inflation on the rise, the ECB's attempt to avoid the taper conversation will become more and more complicated. 
Germany: Consumer Ruined The First Quarter
The sharp contraction of the German economy in the first quarter was mainly driven by weak private consumption and net exports.
1 to 16 of 249 Posts
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