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Director of Investment Strategy and Research at Ascension Investment Advisors

Camari Ellis is the Director of Investment Strategy and Research at Ascension Investment Advisors. Camari holds a BA degree in finance from Temple University and resides in the Greater Philadelphia area.

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FV Dogecoin Lessons From Elon Musk’s Saturday Night Live Skit
Many Dogecoin investors had been anticipating a positive movement in the crypto during the Tesla founder's appearance on SNL. They were disappointed.
Earnings Season Review
This week many companies on the stock market realized their quarterly earnings. Every quarter, publicly traded companies share their financial results and their plans for the future. Today we will review the results of many of those companies.
Black Stock Companies
Today on the Finance Rebel Show we are going to review some (primarily) Black owned publicly traded companies.
How Should I Invest My Tax Refund: Stock Market Vs. Savings Account
Should you invest or save your tax refund? This brief video discusses the situation and how to approach it.
DogeCoin: Real Or Bubble?
Today we will explain Dogecoin to see if it is really worth our time to invest our hard-earned dollars.
How To Use Family Style Real Estate Investing To Create Generational Wealth
Everybody wants to be a real estate investor these days, so I thought it would be great to have a conversation with a Real Estate Investor who has literally been investing in real estate for decades.
Higher Tax Refunds Don't Mean Quality Tax Returns
The definition of a quality tax return is one that is prepared according to the code. Taxpayers can be blinded by the idea of getting a big tax refund.
10 Dividend Stocks For Retirement And Financial Freedom
Creating income streams in retirement or creating financial freedom is crucial. Many of the Blue Chip Stock companies pay a great dividend and have great dividend payout track records.
How To Avoid The Biggest Tax Mistake Side Hustlers Make
A lot of people who work a 9-5 job and have side businesses often make grave tax mistakes. Watch this brief video to avoid the most common mistake.
Money And ...
Money and politics will always be linked. You can't always get what you want, but if you try sometimes ...
Best Way For Entrepreneurs To Handle Tax & Accounting
This brief video discusses how to approach accounting for businesses and entrepreneurs.
Avoiding Tax Headaches From Charitable Donations
Are you wondering if you can write off money that you've donated as a charitable contribution through your business? Or if there can be a deduction for your time?
American Rescue Plan - Stimulus Relief Package Review
Congress passed a 3rd round stimulus relief bill that was signed off by President Biden on Thursday, March 11, 2021. Today we will review some of the new initiatives that will give relief to US taxpayers.
How To Avoid An Entrepreneur's Worst Tax Nightmare
I see entrepreneurs make this mistake again and again. They don't think about this issue until tax time rolls around, and by that point it's too late.
How Self Employed Business Owners Can Properly Write Off Mobile Phones
We are approaching the end of tax season, and mobile phone tax deductions have many people confused. If you are uncertain too, this video is for you.
How To Avoid Real Estate Investors' Biggest Tax Mistake
Are you a real estate investor? Are you writing off expenses for unused properties? If so, this brief and informational video is for you.
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