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Director of Investment Strategy and Research at Ascension Investment Advisors

Camari Ellis is the Director of Investment Strategy and Research at Ascension Investment Advisors. Camari holds a BA degree in finance from Temple University and resides in the Greater Philadelphia area.

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Estimated Taxes Revisited
How to make IRS estimated payments.
FV Can My Mortgage Be Used As An Expense?
Today's question is, "Can I use my entire mortgage payment as a business expense for tax purposes? While answering this question, I explained various options about using mortgage interest as an expense.
How To Invest In The Stock Market
This video is dedicated to helping people begin the process of investing in the stock market. This process is actually easier than most people realize.
Stock Of The Day: Starbucks Stock Review
SBUX has increased in price by over 50% since the beginning of 2019 and appears to have room for growth going forward in the future. The video is focused more so on long term investing (10 years or more) and investing in well-established business.
Stock Of The Day: Is It Time To Buy Popeye's Stock?
Recently, Popeye's chicken just released their new chicken sandwich and has taken on Chick-Fil-A head on for the battle of Best Fast Food Chicken Sandwich.Popeye's has a parent company Restaurant Brand Foods (QSR​) that is publicly traded.
ETF Investing For Beginners
In this video I discuss the basics of Exchange Traded Funds and how can a beginner investor analyze ETFs.
Government Shut Down, Tax Changes And Delayed Tax Refunds
Tax season is due to begin very soon. Many people tend to plan on receiving their tax refunds once they file their tax returns.
Small Business Owners' Number One Asset
Many new and small business owners don't understand the value that maintaining their books can bring to them.
The Power Of Investing In Your 401K
People that invest in employer-sponsored 401k plans that have matching programs have a great opportunity to invest and build wealth.
Making Money In The Marijuana Industry
A discussion about the best ways to make money in the marijuana industry.
Trademarks, Patents And Copyrights With LaConya Murray
We recently, talked with attorney LaConya Murray who specializes in every facet of intellectual property. We talked the ABCs of trademarks, patents and copyrights and how they can be used to build brand value for small businesses.
Can Colin Kaepernick Push Nike Stock To $200?
In this video, we are going to discuss Nike's ad campaign and any further implications that could be foreseeable to Nike's stock price.
8 Tax Issues All New Business Owners Should Be Aware Of
A new business owner named Brittaney reached out and asked what should a new business owner be concerned about regarding taxes.
Stock Review: Rite-Aid (Rad) & Walgreens (WBA) Merger
Walgreens decided not to buy out drug store chain Rite-Aid for $9.4 Billion. Opting to break the deal, paying Rite-Aid a $325 Million cancellation fee and created a new deal to buy 2,100 Rite-Aid store for a grand total of $5.1 billion.
7 Reasons I Hate Financial Literacy
Sadly, due to government initiatives you are starting to see financial literacy initiative spring up. Many are sponsored by banks, credit card company's or non profits that focus on this solely. (Video Length: 00:08:47)
Examining Warren Buffett's Purchase Of Van Tuyl Motors
We examine Warren Buffett's purchase of Van Tuyl Motors and examine how this company has great synergies within the Berkshire Hathaway brand. (Video Length: 00:04:44)
1 to 16 of 17 Posts
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