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Director of Investment Strategy and Research at Ascension Investment Advisors

Camari Ellis is the Director of Investment Strategy and Research at Ascension Investment Advisors. Camari holds a BA degree in finance from Temple University and resides in the Greater Philadelphia area.

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BlockChain: Unlocking The Wealth Opportunity
A discussion about all the amazing opportunities that are present in the wonderful world of blockchain.
Oil: Is It A Good Time To Invest In Oil?
Oil has been the subject of conversation recently. Oil Prices have fallen to 20 year lows.
Stock Market Investing: Planting The Seeds Of Generational Wealth
Camari Ellis and Kim Babb, developer and co-founder of Babb Properties LLC, discuss the benefits of early ownership through stock market investing. They emphasize that it is not enough to consume products, but to focus on entrepreneurship.
How Tyler Perry Used His Tax Refund To Make $75 Million
Recently, T.I. Harris of the expediTIously podcast interviewed Tyler Perry. T.I asked Tyler Perry how he got his start and Tyler Perry states that after he got his tax refund, he used that money to invest in himself and produce his first play.
How To Get Your Stimulus Check?
There has been a lot of confusion when it comes to distributing stimulus payments to the American Public.
Coins In Crisis: How To Handle Cashflow In This Market Place
Camari Ellis and CEO Joanna Jane discuss the do's and don't's of personal finances in times of a pandemic.
How To Manage Your Credit During Rough Times
Currently, people are getting laid off and are having significant cash flow issues due to the recent out COVID-19 outbreak. Camari Ellis and Tre Snatch discuss how to manage your credit despite these rising issues.
The Federal Reserve Emergency Interest Rate Cut
The Fed Funds rate has not been this low in over 10 years.
Should I Buy A Home Since The Federal Reserve Cut Interest Rates
I was asked: "since The Federal Reserve cut interest rates, is now a good time to buy or refinance your home?" I decided to reach out to my friend Robert E. Lewis, who is a mortgage loan officer, to help us understand if now is a good time.
Weekly Money Q&A
In my weekly video Q&A, I answer readers questions about taxes.
CoronaVirus Attacks The Stock Market
Today the Dow dropped by over 1000 points ( 3%+), due to the fears of the Coronavirus. A lot of people are panicking over the sudden drop in the stock market.
Should You Payoff Off Your Home Mortgage & Other Tax Questions
In today's episode we discuss several tax questions including child tax credit vs earned income credit, mobile phone write-offs and paying off a mortgage.
FV Top 10 Best Performing Stocks Of The Last Decade
Here are the best-performing stocks of the last decade that you can consider in your portfolio.
Financial Planning/Advice Vs. Financial Education
Raising your financial IQ.
Top 5 Stocks To Buy Your Kids For Holiday Gifts (And Birthday Gifts)
Every year parents spend billions of dollars on Christmas and holiday gifts on their children. Most of these Christmas gifts are toys and other frivolous things that usually don't last for more than a month.
Using Your 401K On Your New Born Child With The Secure Act
The US Senate passed The Secure Act Bill. Since this bill was already passed in the house it will now go to President Trump where it is expected to be signed and become a United States Law.
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