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Director of Investment Strategy and Research at Ascension Investment Advisors

Camari Ellis is the Director of Investment Strategy and Research at Ascension Investment Advisors. Camari holds a BA degree in finance from Temple University and resides in the Greater Philadelphia area.

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Analyzing The Biden & Trump Tax Plans
We are analyzing Joe Biden's tax plan and Donald Trump's tax plan. Both tax plans will have to be enacted by Congress and/or executive order. 
Should You Use Your 401k To Pay Off Your Credit Cards
In this video I discuss one of the most common questions I'm asked: should you a 401k to pay off your credit cards or debt. Also my stock market run down: taking a look at gold vs. stocks.
Tax Advice For Real Estate Investors And Flippers
Lately, I have been seeing too many real estate investors and real estate flippers make costly tax mistakes. But these are easy to correct. Here's how...
E Unearthing JP Morgan's Diamonds For Dimon
Lately, I have been fishing and for long-lost treasure. Instead of searching for the planks on pirate ships on the ocean floor, I am searching for beaten up stocks that are out of favor and undervalued by the investment community.
E My Unconscious Warren Buffett Investment
Warren Buffett 's style of investing, value investing (buy stocks of companies that are "on sale"), is the best way for individual investors to succeed.
E The Fed Reserve Rate Hike And Beyond
The Federal Reserve needs to begin the progress of raising interest rates to avoid any potential hiccups with in the economy if (and this is a BIG IF) inflation gets out of control.
Stock Of The Day: Netflix Continues To Innovate
In a very competitive environment, NFLX continue to raise the bar in the film and online TV space.
5 Things Football Can Teach You About Investing
Investing is just like football. Many of the lessons learned on the field can be easily applied to the world of investing. Here are will five things practiced in football that can be applied to your investment portfolio to make your life a little easier.
Major Cash Windfalls (5 Ways To Keep Them From Breaking You)
Whether you've won the lottery, are expecting an inheritance, or got a big bonus at work, planning is a necessity. Camari offers a checklist of what to do to ensure the windfall lasts.
The 24000% Stock Return From Hell -The Dark Side Of Investing
Penny Stocks are subject to manipulation, which happens quite often and could lead to investors losing all their money. That may sound like a mild warning but the dangers of investing in penny stocks are far darker and dangerous than many realize.
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