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Eric Gozenput, CEO, founded Bullion Exchanges at the age of 27 and has been featured in places such as Fox Business News, Forbes, Reuters, Seeking Alpha, Value Walk. Eric maintains that precious metals are vital for investment portfolios and that investing in precious metals should be ... more


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Return Of The Silver Raid, Price Of Silver To Hit $30?
Many individual Silverbacks, “apes,” as they prefer to go by, are eager to hurt the eight major banks that have been shorting silver for years. Instead of an uncoordinated attack, this time there is a plan.
Meme Crypto Dogecoin Price Up 400% In 1 Week - Is It Time To Leave The Coin?
Dogecoin is an unstable cryptocurrency due to its lack of market cap. At any time, the supply can be flooded, plummeting the value. This might be why it is time to diversify the profits made from Doge into something more stable, like precious metals.
Gold Demand Upticks In Asia & Inflation Concerns Continue
Most of the gold demand in Asia is for jewelry, and buyers were disillusioned from high prices. Now that the gold price is decreasing, it appears that the retail market is starting to recover, but inflation fears are rising based on bond yields.
Value Of Gold In The World Market, Is It The Same Internationally?
The gold spot price may trade the same internationally, but the actual value of gold can vary from country to country. This is based on a multitude of factors including the measurement, local taxes, and more.
Palladium Price Surges On Russian Supply Shortage
The palladium price yesterday reached a new all-time high record above $2,700. This is because Russia is one of the biggest producers of palladium, hands down. A recent development at their biggest palladium mine sent the price soaring.
1 to 5 of 5 Posts