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Eric Gozenput, CEO, founded Bullion Exchanges at the age of 27 and has been featured in places such as Fox Business News, Forbes, Reuters, Seeking Alpha, Value Walk. Eric maintains that precious metals are vital for investment portfolios and that investing in precious metals should be ... more


Malaysia Considers Adopting Bitcoin As Legal Tender
The Communications and Multimedia Ministry of Malaysia has proposed to adopt bitcoin as a legal tender. The Malaysian government believes that allowing the use of cryptocurrency will help younger citizens use bitcoin more easily.
How Will The Fed Rate Hike Affect Your Wallet?
On Wednesday, the Federal Reserve initiated its first interest rate in response to the country’s economic performance.
How To Buy Gold?
If you’re looking for an asset that protects against inflation, buy gold! Take a look at our helpful guide below for some tips on purchasing this precious metal.
London Bullion Market Association To Ban Russian Gold
The market for precious metals is certainly under pressure. Analysts are certain that demand will spike as supplies continue to dwindle, causing higher prices to persist for the near term.
Top 10 Common Questions Asked When Investing In Precious Metals
Currently, many people are concerned about a falling economy and record-high inflation rates. If you look at the gold price, you will notice a steady growth in value compared to other assets.
Can Silver Outperform Gold In The New Year?
There is no question that 2021 gold and silver prices generated strong debates among investors and analysts regarding precious metals’ performance numbers. But with the start of the new year, many investors and analysts are highly optimistic.




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Russia To Buy More Gold As Sanctions Tank Ruble
Russia’s central bank announced Sunday that it would add more gold to its reserves as a way to hedge against economic sanctions placed by Western nations.
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The Labor Department released its December report on Wednesday. The report showed that the consumer price index (CPI), which measures housing, fuel, goods, and service costs, rose to 7%..

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