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Brett Hershman has published over 2,500 articles covering emerging business trends. He has conducted interviews with numerous CEOs, celebrities & sports figures. Brett has written for The Sun, Benzinga, The Street, Investopedia, and the San Diego Business Journal. He has been featured in The ...more


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The Rise And Fall Of AND1: A Cautionary Tale For Footwear Brands
A streetwear basketball brand that took the streets by storm in the early 2000s.
This Vaccine Stock Is Now On Janssen Pharmaceuticals, J&J, The White House's Radar
Dyadic International shares were up over 6% on January 3rd.  Shares are up over 35% in the last month.
Real Time Market Sentiment And Why It Matters
The specific prices where we see strong sentiment tells us something about price levels that traders find important.
Shoes Will Bring 3D Printing Technology To The Mainstream
All the major shoe manufacturers have jumped on board to 3D print their shoes.
Sprint/T-Mobile Merger Appears To Be Closer Than Ever
Softbank CEO has expressed he prefers T-Mobile for a possible merger. Who will acquire Sprint?
Retro Shoe Trend Playing Into Puma's Favor
Puma grew revenue at over 10 % in 2016, while achieving sales of 3.6 billion euros and improving gross profit margins. Puma is also increasing its operating expenses as it continues to invest in marketing looking towards additional key endorsements.
Under Armour To Dominate The California Market
Under Armour entered the grassroots basketball scene just a few years ago, and has taken it by storm with its Under Armour Association league, heavily competing for top youth players among their competitors Adidas and Nike.
Under Armour Q2: What To Watch For
Investors will unquestionably be looking for UA to continue this streak with its upcoming earnings, and missing this mark could certainly impact the stock in the short term.
What Other Industries Will Augmented Reality Disrupt?
Augmented reality has undoubtedly changed the world in a very short period of time. The potential applications of this revolutionary technology are virtually endless and can influence to many different industries beyond gaming in the future.
Nike Back On Top With NBA Finals Win
Athletic shoes remain the strongest footwear segment in 2016, according to Citi analysts. This series was good for the sport period. Is it a war between Nike and Under Armour?
The ETF To Own For The Next Tech Bubble Burst
The High Tech industry is facing a tough environment with unpredictable future earnings, negative cash flows and skyrocketing R&D expenses.
Titleist IPO A Key Indicator Of The Golf Industry
Titleist files for a $2 Billion IPO and will be the second publicly traded golf company behind Callaway Golf.
A Short Story Behind Inventure Foods
Inventure Foods is extremely short of cash, with a debt-to-equity ratio reaching 216% in the latest quarter.
Health Company With A Compelling Turnaround Story: NUTR
Nutraceutical is a compelling health and wellness company that value investors need to pay attention to.
Steph Curry’s Key Role In Under Armour’s Footwear Business
The foundation has been set to firmly entrench the company in the basketball world for the long term.
Constellation Brands Capitalizing On Interesting Trend
Higher-priced specialty brands are actually growing faster.
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