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Brett Hershman is a financial journalist from San Diego, California. His work has been featured in Yahoo Finance, MarketWatch, TheStreet, Benzinga, The Baltimore Sun and the San Diego Business Journal. Brett is scratch golfer and has traveled to over 30 countries.
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This Vaccine Stock Is Now On Janssen Pharmaceuticals, J&J, The White House's Radar
9 months ago

I have not been compensated at all and do not own shares at the moment. Just following the stock and its story this is what I came up with. The CEO is doing his own PR and it just sparked some interest. 

In this article: DYAI
Pinterest Is A Top IPO Candidate In 2016
6 years ago

Just because users dont know if pins are advertisements does not mean that they go unnoticed. I believe users are more likely to purchase a product if it doesnt appear as advertising. Many pinterest users use the platform to get new ideas for purchases, making this a website that advertisers cant ignore. Especially with 20% of all women on the Internet being registered Pinterest users.

Pinterest Is A Top IPO Candidate In 2016
6 years ago

Pinterest creates ad revenue through its Promoted Pins among other ways. Much like how I outlined in this article, Pinterest ads are non intrusive and it is what really gives Pinterest a lot of potential. Other Social Media Platform such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter advertisingments interupt the users experience. Ads seemlessly integrate into the overall feel of pinterest, so much so that you didnt even notice them.

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