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Boaz is the Founder and CEO of TalkMarkets. Boaz started his career as a manager at Bloomberg’s corporate headquarters in Manhattan. He was then lured into the dot com world where he launched two e-commerce websites for a successful electronics retailer and headed its online operations for ... more


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E Where It's At: The 2017 Benzinga Fintech Awards
TalkMarkets had the honor of not only being a media sponsor for the Benzinga FinTech Awards, but a finalist for their “Best Trading Platform” award as well. But Is the event worth attending for everyone else? The answer is a resounding yes.
E What's New At TalkMarkets: New Partnerships & New Features
Stay abreast of the latest TalkMarkets news including new site features, major new partnerships, and more.
E Innovative New Site Features & A Major Announcement
I'm excited to share with you some innovative new site features as well as our first major partnership...with Thomson Reuters!
E Important Updates For Founding Contributors
As a TalkMarkets founding contributor and equity holder, you are vital to our growth and success. As such, we would like to share with you our internal metrics and the important milestones we have achieved to date.
E TalkMarkets Beta Milestone: One Million Pageviews
A big thanks to our contributors and readers for helping us achieve our first major milestone since our beta launch: 1 million monthly pageviews. Also a big welcome to our newest contributors, including Mark Cuban.
E Final Curtain Call For Blockbuster
Dish Announces the closure of all remaining Blockbuster stores. Will instead focus on Blockbuster's streaming division. It's time for Blockbuster to give up the ghost and call it a night. This is Blockbuster's swan song...
E A “Black Day” For Walmart – Website Glitches Causes Havoc And Major Losses
After today’s chaos, Walmart won’t likely reach its sales goals for this holiday season. But for shoppers, Black Friday came early this year with at least some customers paying only pennies on the dollar for goods.
E TalkMarkets Alpha Launching Soon
When the initial seeds of thought for this site were planted long ago, I had no idea if my vision would ever come to fruition.  I also had no concept of how long and difficult a journey it would be.  
E Striking Out: Microsoft Bing Tries To Bribe Its Way To The Top
Microsoft scraps it's program to pay users for using Bing only to replace it with yet another way to bribe people to search with Bing over other search engines.
EC Cha-Ching! Microsoft Pays Users To Search With Bing
Starting today, Microsoft (MSFT) plans to actually pay users to search via Bing. Yes, you read that correctly - they will PAY you, in cash, to use Bing.
Game Over For Nintendo
A few days ago, Microsoft announced what will likely be a major blow to Nintendo and Sony. Microsoft has unveiled Project Natal, a ground breaking accessory for the Xbox 360 which will change gaming as we know it.
Circuit City: Back From The Dead?
Systemax purchases Circuit City's brand, domain name and company list and relaunches the website.
Microsoft And EBay Team Up: Desperate Or Brilliant?
New partnership between Microsoft and eBay pays consumers to purchase their ebay goods through Micros
E Amazon & Overstock Face Major Setback Against NY's "Amazon Tax"
The Amazon & Overstock lawsuits challenging the legality of the new "Amazon Tax" in NY face various setbacks. What's next and how will this impact the companies' competitive edge.
Atlas Air: Back On The Right Track With DHL Deal
The airline industry is not a good place to invest in these days. Atlas Air in particular has been having some difficulties. But that may all be about to change...
Amazon/Overstock Gamble May Pay Off
New York State's new law requiring sales tax to be collected by out of state e-commerce sites such as Amazon and Overstock.
1 to 16 of 16 Posts