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I have been investing in stocks for over 53 years.   I began my career in the brokerage business as a retail stockbroker in 1970 with a Kansas City based regional firm H.O. Peet & Co. Inc.  Peet was acquired in 1978 by Kidder, Peabody.  This marked a turning point in my career ... more


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Are Bond Markets Sending One Big Global Recession Warning?
If you listen to CNBC's reason for the Dow Jones, S&P and NASDAQ indices suffering a sharp decline today you will be buying into the media hype that a recession is imminent.
Ladies And Gentlemen We Have A "Black Swan" — Revisited
I had thought Trump wouldn't be president, I had thought the election would mean a downturn in the stock market. I was wrong on both counts. But with the latest trade war escalation, we see some cracks in the enthusiasm for all things Trump.
Beware The June Jobs Report
Why? Because the ADP private payrolls report, issued Wednesday, July, 3 missed analysts’ expectations, coming in at a meager 102,000 new private sector jobs being created in June.
"The President Is The Yankees And Powell Is The Toledo Mud Hens.”
Jim Cramer recently opined that the stock market ‘would probably go up’ if Trump were to remove Powell as Fed chief and replace him with a "newbie" who would do the President's bidding. How this would cause a market rally is beyond me.
Flight To Safety: “All That Glitters Is Not Gold!”
For those worried about the most recent yield inversion as a signal of bad things to come I would suggest it is much more about fear and an emotional flight to safety.
Barron's: The Trade War Will Make Stocks Scary. 5 Reasons Not To Panic
This week’s cover story in Barron’s Magazine (“The Trade War … 5 reasons Not To Panic.”) is exemplary of the good that the media can do by giving the public a thoughtful examination of the facts and perspective. It deserves your consideration.
'The Only Reason To Keep The Stock Market Open Is To See How Foolish People Can Be'
Buffett believes that when you buy something you should be willing to hold it even if the market were to be closed for the next ten years. Day-to-day fluctuations should not be considered in the evaluation of long-term fundamentals.
File This One Under, “You Have To Be Kidding Me!”
There is no justification for claiming the economy needs lower rates given the trillions of dollars worth of (extremely stimulative) national debt we’ve piled on.
Most Disrespected, Unloved And Disbelieved Secular Bull Market Since The Last One
The first secular bull market that I experienced in my career, was the 1982/2000 secular bull market. I can assure you that most of the upturn, save the very end stage (the ‘I love stocks for the long-term’ stage), was met with extreme skepticism.
‘Batten Down The Hatches!’ … Big Problems Ahead For Stocks?
The Dow Jones Industrial Average gave up the entire 217 gain from Thursday plus an additional 243 points. It was a panic in a Friday market and the sellers didn’t seem to care that they were throwing stocks away at ridiculous discounts.
When There’s No Bad News, Sow Bad News
There really is not much going on save what should be the wrap up to a fairly routine Fed meeting, a meeting where no significant policy or rhetoric changes are expected.
Ugly, But True. And, As Usual, Late To The Party
Where do we go from here now that we have reached the 6 month anniversary of the beginning of a near-bear market that culminated in the 2018 Christmas Eve stock massacre?
“The Eerie Calm In Global Markets” (Beware!)
Randall Forsyth, Barron’s editorial writer and chief contributor to the “Up and Down Wall Street” column, is a modern day “Mikey” from Life cereal.
How To Embrace Awful Turns In Good Markets
The tendency to think that what’s been happening lately will keep happening is one of a group of Behavioral Financial Biases that can cloud investors’ judgment.
The "Christmas Eve Massacre" And Where We Stand Now
By early October 2018, the S&P 500 had more than quadrupled off its 666, 2009 secular bear market low (up over 300%).
A Look Into The Belly Of The Bear
Unfortunately, or fortunately for those left with money to buy, there are many doozy values out there in the market these days.
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