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I have been investing in stocks for over 60 years.  I began my career in the brokerage business as a retail stockbroker in 1970 with a Kansas City based regional firm.  That firm  was acquired in 1978 by Kidder, Peabody.  At Kidder my business moved to the institutional ... more


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“I’m Done With Fossil Fuel” Stocks
The fossil fuel stocks have continued to shed value in a super (equity) bull market (not doing what he expected he had expect them to do– catch a bid).
Coronavirus To ‘Paralyze China,' "Don’t Buy The Dips”
This grave assessment is not my own but that of Mohamed El-Erian, Allianz chief economic advisor and ex-Pimco CEO. But is he right or simply generating clickbait?
Markets And Media Gird Themselves To Face A New Challenge
After a great 2019, the market now faces a new threat with the coronavirus outbreak which has the potential for major disruptions, some of which we're already starting to see in the oil market.
EC “Everyone Seems To Be Bullish … Here’s What Could Go Wrong”
Beware of those with the current message that the market is overvalued based on a historical price/earnings ratios because they give no context with their warnings. You need to view this in the context of what returns alternative investments offer.
“Damn The Torpedoes … Full Speed”…Ahead!
Is the market sailing in torpedo infested waters? Ansolutely. Here are the two things that worry me the most...
"Bull Markets Often End With A Euphoric Rally Called A ‘Blow-off Top.’ We May Have Just Had One”
No serious observer of the markets could even come close to calling the market’s action over the past few weeks a blow-off top. Yet CNBC managed to host just such an opinion. Here's why I disagree...
“Buy, Sell Or Fold” — A Market History And MLP Retrospective
The Alerian MLP Index (AMLP) peaked in 2014 at 531. It closed 11/29/19 at 201, its lowest level in the lowest level in almost 4 years.
“The Wrong Kind Of Stocks Are Leading The Stock Market To Records”
The “wrong kind of stocks” in Wilson’s mind are defensive… names like Pfizer, Merck, and HCA.. This is all happening while the faster growth leadership names like Amazon and Alphabet have been lagging. Here's my reaction.
“Walking A Tightrope”
“Walking A Tightrope” was the title of Bloomberg’s “Weekend Reading” post, which captures and caters to the angst in the market place about the global economy and fear of the “R” word.
A Lethal Combo: PMI At A 10-year Low + Slowing Job Growth — Not
Here we go again, more selling based on market news items reported without contextual backup.
Impeachment: Precursor And Aftermath
The move to impeachment will cause a steep market rout, just as it did in 1974 leading up to and following the resignation of Richard Nixon.
Breaking Radio Silence
What I try to do with my writing is to give facts and perspective. The media's job is to create sensation and sell more headlines.
Are Bond Markets Sending One Big Global Recession Warning?
If you listen to CNBC's reason for the Dow Jones, S&P and NASDAQ indices suffering a sharp decline today you will be buying into the media hype that a recession is imminent.
Ladies And Gentlemen We Have A "Black Swan" — Revisited
I had thought Trump wouldn't be president, I had thought the election would mean a downturn in the stock market. I was wrong on both counts. But with the latest trade war escalation, we see some cracks in the enthusiasm for all things Trump.
Beware The June Jobs Report
Why? Because the ADP private payrolls report, issued Wednesday, July, 3 missed analysts’ expectations, coming in at a meager 102,000 new private sector jobs being created in June.
"The President Is The Yankees And Powell Is The Toledo Mud Hens.”
Jim Cramer recently opined that the stock market ‘would probably go up’ if Trump were to remove Powell as Fed chief and replace him with a "newbie" who would do the President's bidding. How this would cause a market rally is beyond me.
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