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I have been investing in stocks for over 50 years.  I began my career in the brokerage business as a retail stockbroker in 1970 with a Kansas City based regional firm.  That firm  was acquired in 1978 by Kidder, Peabody.  At Kidder my business moved to the institutional ... more


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Interest Rates And Stocks: Heads You Lose … Tails You Lose!
Now that the market has righted itself, experts are warning us that rising interest rates and the specter of rising inflation are going to be bad for stocks. 
The Death TINA (There Is No Alternative)
There is no alternative to stocks simply because rates are so low, close to zero, and stocks were the only place you could get a return.
Record Highs–Yet So Much Fear
The Fear of Being Bitten Again “Besides the last eleven months, there have only been five other streaks where the VIX remained elevated above 20 for at least six months.”
We And The Markets Are In For A Dark Period… Not
Last week the market went retrograde, back to the old play book where ‘big tech’ reigned supreme.
EC The Mob And The Market
I believe we are nowhere near the final curtain on the market, but would urge those who believe their bond portfolio is a safe place to hide to please reconsider that notion.
EC The Market Floats In A Sea Of Mines
With all the stimulus and zero interest rates, the secular bull market will continue... but with a catch.
” … The Good News Is Already Baked Into Stocks.”
Stimulus and low-interest rates worldwide seem under-appreciated as long-term drivers for the economy.
Don’t Let 'Em Scare You Out Of Your Stocks
There is no question that the market is overextended. So what should you do about it?
"Investors Are Gorging On Hyper-Bullishness As Turkey Day Nears"
In his recent article, Randall Forsyth cites a significant bump in investor sentiment. But Forsyth’s sentiment issue is a polaroid versus the big picture. We are in a secular bull market and investor would be wise to ignore the noise.
"Interest Rates Are Going Thru The Ceiling" – The Next “Big Thing” To Worry About
The market appears willing to ignore really bad news on the virus front, while the next big thing may be rising interest rates which will go hand in hand with improving stock prices.
Interest Rates Are Going Thru The Ceiling!–the Next “BIG THING” To Worry About
If this market continues to plow ahead, it is likely to draw money out of bonds. Ergo, rates will be going up
The Death Of Oil
Concerns about a worldwide resurgence of Covid-19 have raised the specter of declining economic activity and the negative potential impact on oil demand.
The Market: Being Stalked By The Bear
The Nasdaq composite closed down nearly 10% in six trading days. This was accompanied by smaller sympathetic declines in the Dow, S&P 500, and Russell 2000.
Apple Stinks: They Loved It At $700 … They Hate It At $400
To have the above prices reflect a subsequent (June 9, 2014) 7 for 1 stock split and the August 31, 2020 4 for 1 split the prices need to be adjusted to $25 and $14.50. Apple, post split, should open at about $125 Monday August 31, 2020.
“What Were You Thinking?”
As it pertains to the current market, I’m not certain what is going on in the heads of many investors as they continue to direct a fire hose full of dollars into a very narrow group of tech and internet stocks.
Biden’s Big Lead Could Be Partly Behind Market’s Drop
Mr. Biden has promised to roll back the Trump tax cuts (a big plus for earnings). Should you sell if or before the Democrats take over? History tells us you shouldn’t let your politics dictate your investment policy.
1 to 16 of 71 Posts
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