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Green Energy Throws Fossil Fuel A Life Line
As convoluted as it sounds, going green truly becomes a lifeline to fossil fuels. Here's why you should own this sector...
Taper Myths – Don’t Let Them Cost You Money!
I would just define for the moment a neutral monetary stance to be the discontinuance of The Fed’s monthly purchase of $120 billion worth of longer-dated treasury securities and CMOs. This is better known to most as Quantitative Easing.
Leaping To The Wrong Conclusion
Sell first, ask questions later … all signs of a very skittish market.
“Americans Can’t Get Enough Of The Stock Market” – Big Problem?
This was the title of the lead headline of this Sunday’s edition of the Wall Street Journal. This assertion should be a red flag that we are nearing the end of this great secular bull market. But are they right?
Tax Hikes: The Market Says, “Meh”
The opening salvo in the tax debate has been fired. The salvo concluded on Thursday with a proposal suggesting a top tax rate on income of 40.8% and 23.8 on capital gains for those making over $1 million dollars a year.
When In Doubt, Return To The COVID-19 Playbook
It may be time to change playbooks. Forget valuation… We have to own something.


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The Death Of Oil
8 months ago

Wall street Wiz, my sense is that Mr. Newman was being facetious with his comment. Although I cannot speak for him I am pretty much in agreement with your bullish call on CVX.

The Death Of Oil
8 months ago

Craig, that’s kind of what it looks like.

Biden’s Big Lead Could Be Partly Behind Market’s Drop
11 months ago

Adam, thanks for your comment. I think the market likes huge stimulus and zero interest rates (Regardless of the party in power) into the forseable future much better than it Will have ever liked Mr. Trump.

“In A Stock Market Like This, Anything Could Cause The Next Panic”
1 year ago

Andrew, it is easy to be pessimistic in the media overload we get each day. Most of this is negative because it gets your attention. I think you need to step back and realize that 85% of people that get coronavirus do not go to the emergency room and they don’t die. The vast majority of fatalities a cure in the population above 80 years old and with prior Health issues.

So far there have been 3,138,000 test confirmed cases and 218,000 deaths. Which would give you about a 6% fatality rate. However there could be millions of cases That have been undiagnosed that could drop this fatality rate considerably. And this issue of undiagnosed cases is beginning to get more and more press. Importantly, you need to consider all the completely outrageously wrong predictions that were made over the past two months.

So far our current pandemic does not hold a candle to that of the Spanish influenza. Please take a look at this link.

This too will pass. Coming out the other side we will be dealing with a huge amount of stimulus both monetary and fiscal. My sense is it’s going to have a very positive affect on the market.

Thanks for stopping by.


A Postcard From The Bunker
1 year ago

Not really. In our democracy it is up to all of us to be critical Thinkers. Buyer beware!The sad thing is that the commander in chief is wired into the Fox echo chamber. The echo chamber always agrees with the commander in chief.That’s why we are in the position we find ourselves at today. Critical thinkers have no place at this table.

In this article: AER
A Postcard From The Bunker
1 year ago

Andrew they have never ever been our friend.Thank you Roger Ailes wherever you are.

In this article: AER
Coronavirus Panic: Time To Chill, Breath In And Breath Out … And Consider The Facts.
1 year ago

There was a point in time when the Chinese were having trouble getting tests, just like the United States, to test everyone. To compensate, anybody scanned with pneumonia like images were immediately classified as coronavirus cases and placed in the number. I presume subsequently they were tested.

As to the real number of coronavirus cases in China or anyplace else, the symptoms in many people especially the young are so minor, they won’t be tested. I am assuming if everybody actually had the virus we’re counted, The death rate would be much lower. So far in the United States at least as of last night most of the people who have passed away were residents of the same nursing facility.

I would agree with you that the numbers in the United States and anyplace else the viruses surfaced are probably much higher but the symptoms are much weaker in the young. Anyway, I think it is time to step back and reassess the panic. People in the most at risk group Should not go into crowds, should not take cruises, should not travel abroad. The rest of us should be washing our hands more often and start thinking about resuming normal activities. This is not the Spanish influenza.

Coronavirus Panic: Time To Chill, Breath In And Breath Out … And Consider The Facts.
1 year ago

Yes Danielle that is correct. It is very fatal in the older and infirmed population and almost no threat to children. The only thing I might point out is that we are operating with a small sample that currently only holds about 114,000 people. I believe there have been somewhere in the area of 26 deaths (668 cases) in the United States, 14 of which occurred in the same nursing home.So again in the small US sample the death rate is running about 3.8% because of the outbreak in the nursing home. The 26 may also include additional people from the nursing home. I’m not certain if the media is helpful in breaking this out.

Thank you for your comment.


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