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Dr. Bill Conerly connects the dots between the economy and business decisions. As a consultant, he not only forecasts the economy but also helps business leaders understand how their challenges will change with the evolving economy. He holds a Ph.D. in economics from Duke University and was ... more


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Trade Shows Will Regain Importance After The COVID-19 Pandemic
Trade shows and conventions pretty much stopped with the COVID-19 pandemic.
EC Inflation Has Not Shown Up Yet, But It’s Coming
Inflation is muted, but not for long. Inflation is coming in the next two years, then will be followed by a boom/bust business cycle, or maybe two.
The Labor Market Is Tight Despite High Unemployment
How can the labor market be tight with unemployment at 6.3% of the labor force? And Federal Reserve chairman Jerome Powell recently said that the real unemployment rate is closer to 10%. Yet business leaders have trouble finding workers.
Strategic Planning With Uncertainty About Pandemic’s End
The key to strategic planning in uncertain times is to figure out what has changed, what has not changed, and what is still uncertain. Then business leaders need to plan based on those insights, incorporating flexibility wherever possible.
Why The Biden Pandemic Stimulus Bill Won’t Help The Economy
President Biden’s proposed stimulus/relief bill won’t help the economy, though it may help some at the expense of others.
Housing Boom Will End After 2021
Housing starts in the United States last year exceeded population growth. Even if every new resident lived alone, we increased supply more than fundamental demand.
The Back Rent Problem Won’t Hurt The Economy
The total back rent owed could be $70 billion, though nobody has a precise figure.
Federal Debt A Danger To Business, But Not This Year
The U.S. government’s debt exceeded gross domestic product in the recent fiscal year.
Lowest Population Growth In Over A Century Means Tighter Labor Market For Business
Population in the United States grew at the slowest pace since 1918, the Census Bureau reported this week.
Some Retailers Will Be Hurt By The Economic Recovery
The economic recovery that arises from the COVID-19 vaccination will bring relief to retailers, but what about those whose sales grew during 2020? Will they enjoy higher sales, or will they learn that their sales gains were borrowing from the future?
Business Challenges As The Economy Recovers From The COVID Pandemic
The COVID-19 vaccine rollout is great news, but every change in the economy brings challenges to businesses.
Vaccines Will Bring Economy Near Recovery By End Of 2021
New reports on vaccines working effectively lead to optimism about the economic forecast.
Succession Planning For Your Suppliers, Contractors And Manufacturers’ Reps
Small business owners are retiring in greater numbers as the Baby Boom generation ages.
Is It Time To Quit Your Job?
Many people stay at jobs they don’t really want to do for life, but inertia keeps them there.
What The U.S. Economy Might Look Like Under Biden Vs. Trump
The economy under President Biden will look a lot like under President Trump, surprisingly enough. Presidents often don’t fulfill campaign promises. Even when they do, things take time.
COVID Third Surge Won’t Sink Us: Economic Forecast
The United States is in a third surge of Covid-19 cases. The first sent the economy down sharply, the second probably delayed economic recovery, but what about the current surge?
1 to 16 of 285 Posts
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