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Bill Baruch is president and founder of Blue Line Futures, a futures and commodities brokerage firm. Mr. Baruch has more than a decade of trading experience and works with clients of all shapes and sizes. He focuses on developing trading strategies that present a clear objective for both ... more


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Why Is Oil Still Going Up?
We're seeing equities falling back and crude moving higher. Let's take a look at why.
Cattle Futures Trading Analysis
June Live Cattle Futures broke above its 200 DMA. If the momentum continues, we could test the March highs of 138-139.
Metals Edge - Tuesday, April 5
Platinum & Palladium sold off today, caused by a headline pushing up the electric car mandate deadline. Phil dives into the correlations of metals.
Record High Inflation In Summer Season?
S&P 500 is up 9 times, up 1% or more, in the past 22 trading days, which has happened only twice in the history of the market.
Flat Yield Curve Coming?
With food and fuel continuing to rally, will the price moves cancel out the Fed's efforts through interest rate hikes to curb inflation?
Bitcoin, Apple, Head & Shoulders
Excessive negative sentiment in Gold & Bitcoin (BITCOMP) has us buying "When There is Blood in the Streets".
FV How To Take Advantage Of Rising Energy Costs
Take away the petroleum, and the energy companies that provide it, then you are going to see the energy crunch we are experiencing today.
Oil To Hit $100 By Mid Year
Trading over $100 could bring days reflecting a decade ago where we see volatile $5 up days, and the stock market is down because of it.
Grains Report Friday 01/13/22
Corn, Soybeans & Wheat are under some pressure following yesterday's USDA report.
Midday Market Minute - Thursday, Jan. 6
This video discusses how volatility is here once again, with the S&P 500 testing 3-star resistance in the early session and the Nasdaq nearing support.
Secular Bull Market In Commodities
This video discusses the secular bull market in commodities. Various topics are covered, such as WTI Crude & Brent Oil, copper, gold, and more.
Regarding Today's Live & Feeder Cattle Markets - Monday, Oct. 11
This brief video provides technical & fundamental analysis of the Live & Feeder Cattle markets.
Weekly Agriculture Market Recap - Sunday, Oct. 10
This brief video discusses the various events and movements that were seen in the agricultural markets in the past week.
Macro Markets Risk-Off Into The Close
Bill Baruch breaks down the macro market action as E-mini S&P 500 futures are trading below 4,400 on the back of consecutive all-time highs last week and early this week.
Gold Driven By Treasury Yields And The Dollar
This video covers the sell-off in the precious metals after the Nonfarm Payrolls report and how it relates to the dollar, bond yields, and cryptos.
Are Chinese Capital Flows Going Into Bitcoin? Crude Oil Demand
Phillip Streible, on why cryptocurrencies are soaring higher today as Chinese stocks are heading south.
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