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Bill Baruch is president and founder of Blue Line Futures, a futures and commodities brokerage firm. Mr. Baruch has more than a decade of trading experience and works with clients of all shapes and sizes. He focuses on developing trading strategies that present a clear objective for both ... more

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Are Financial Stocks A Buy?
This brief video discusses the most recent sell-off in financials and whether International Business Machines Corporation's 4% dividend is attractive.
Are PayPal And Ally Financial Stocks To Buy?
Bill Baruch discusses Fintech stocks.
Livestock Market Coverage - Monday, May 24
This brief video discusses the action in the livestock markets throughout the past week, as well as what to look for in the new week.
Is It Time To Buy Crypto? + Consumer Tech Stocks To Own
Chief Market Strategist Phillip Streible joined BNN Bloomberg to talk about the most recent volatility in cryptocurrencies, stocks to own during the summer, and how the Fed's policy is impacting the yield curve.
Should You Buy Travel Stocks? Crude Oil In The 2nd Half Of 2021
Bill Baruch talks about leisure and travel stocks as well as crude oil's demand outlook.
Commodities Inflation And Where It Is Headed
This video discusses the roaring rally in commodities and how the macro environment looks going forward.
Are Travel Stocks A Buy And What Does The Jobs Report Tell Us?
This brief video discusses the most recent Nonfarm Payrolls report and what it means in the context of the latest Fed chatter.
Livestock Market Coverage - Monday, May 3
This brief video covers the action and momentum in the livestock market as the trading week begins.
Livestock Market Coverage - Saturday, May 1
This brief video covers the action and momentum in the livestock markets throughout the past week.
Copper Inflation, Lumber Volatility, Chip Stocks, And More
Bill Baruch talks about the most recent surge in copper, volatility in the lumber market, chip stocks, and much more.
Is $100 Crude Oil​ In The Cards Long-Term?
Bill Baruch talks about the most recent action in crude oil and how our trade desk is positioning on the futures and equities side.
Livestock Market Coverage
Oliver Sloup talked about the action in the livestock complex.
Stock Indices At New Record Highs
Bill Baruch breaks down the macro market action on the back of J&J vaccine news and equity indices at new record highs.
Value In Crude Oil And Gold As Virus Cases Rise?
Bill Baruch shares his outlook on crude oil and gold prices with 100,000 Covid-19 cases/day in India.
USDA Fireworks; Corn And Soy Limit Up
We saw fireworks in the grain markets on the back of today's USDA report.
Grain Markets Selling Off
Amidst a sell-off across risk assets, grain markets were under pressure during today's session.
1 to 16 of 95 Posts
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