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Barbara A. Friedberg, MBA, MS, former portfolio manager, is committed to investment + money education across multiple platforms. She owns Barbara Friedberg Personal which is dedicated to improving investment knowledge and wealth as well as Robo-Advisor, a non-biased, ...more
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Win-Win Negotiation: How I Made $500 In Ten Minutes
7 years ago

Hi Alex and Bill,

Alex, I also am cautious and that's why I keep detailed records of when I had work done, what it was and the cost.

Bill, Agreed. We were kind of in the middle as it had been awhile since the belt had been replaced. If it was a shorter time period or fewer miles, I would have fought harder for the mechanic to pay for the entire bill.

Find Out How Robo-Advisors Diversify Your Investments
7 years ago

Thanks Danielle, I'll check it out. I've thought about that topic myself.

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