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Atle Willems is the author of "Money Cycles - The Curse of an Elastic Money Supply".


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The Only Reason Stocks Have Been Surging
Y/Y growth rate in the money supply and the Fed balance sheet.
Hardly A Recipe For Economic Success
Ever more money being pumped into the U.S. economy, with less and less being channeled to the manufacturing industry.
Stock Market Euphoria Alert - The CAPE To Saving Rate Ratio Surges 6.2% In A Month
The euphoric heights of this ratio indicate troubles ahead for both the U.S. stock market and the economy in 2018.
Why The Stock Market Might Move Higher In The Short Term, Revisited
The combination of a slower money supply growth rate and record low interest rates indicate the stock market is now exceedingly dependent on another greater fool.
Highly Unusual Developments In The U.S. Money Supply
The money supply growth rate is on course to turn negative. This deflationary pressure is a big negative for stocks and will more likely than not trigger a stock market sell-off unless the trend turns soon.
The U.S. Stock Market Risk Indicator - Future Returns Will Be Poor At Best
This two-part indicator suggests a substantial risk for poor future stock market returns. At best.
No Savings Glut, Just Inflated Savings Deposit Accounts
Growth in the amount of savings deposits does not mean there is a savings glut in the U.S.
Abandon All (Growth) Hope Here
The previous rampant monetary inflation is likely to produce more stagflation, not growth.
Margin Debt Hits New High - What Does It Mean?
The level of margin debt is better used as a stock market risk gauge than as a tool for timing stock market peaks.
U.S. Bank Lending Contracts Further - Here's What Happened Previously When It Did
Bank lending in the U.S. continues to contract. The outcomes were not pretty when lending growth previously contracted during the last few decades.
You've Been Warned: The Money Supply Growth Rate Continues To Slide, Drops Below 6%
The money supply growth rate continues to slide indicating a potential increase in economic stress.
Money Supply Growth Rate Plummets, Interest Rates Up - The Stage Is Set For A Major Stock Market Correction
The shorter term growth rate in the money supply has now turned negative for the past four weeks. The last time this happened, Lehman collapsed.
Bank Lending Growth In The U.S. Is Plunging
Lending growth in the U.S. is plunging indicating another credit cycle has come to an end, which may soon trigger another financial crisis.
E U.S. Weekly Stock Market Valuation Indicator - Substantial Downside Risk
Only on one previous occasion has the reading of this stock market valuation indicator been higher: March 2000, the peak of the dotcom bubble.
E Why Does The Stock Market Peak Prior To A Recession?
The stock market is a leading recession indicator. Here's why.
U.S. Stocks To Bank Equity Ratio - Now In The 95th Percentile
The current elevated ratio of stock market prices to bank equity indicates further upside potential is limited while downside risk is substantial.
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