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Arkadiusz Sieroń is a certified Investment Advisor. He is a long-time precious metals market enthusiast, current PhD candidate, composing a dissertation on the redistributive effects of monetary inflation (Cantillon effects). Arkadiusz is a free market advocate who believes in the power of ... more


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Will The Fed Cut Its Interest Rate Forecast, Pushing Gold Higher?
Some important pieces of the US economic reports, including the latest nonfarm payrolls, have disappointed recently.
NBER’s Recession Indicators And Gold
Talks about a possible economic slump are getting louder. More and more analysts forecast the US recession by 2020.
Will Cryptocurrencies Replace Gold?
The World Gold Council has issued quite a few interesting papers recently.
Draghi Won’t Send A Rate Hike Gift To The Gold Bulls
The ECB eased its monetary stance. It launched another round of cheap loans to banks and promised to keep interest rates unchanged this year.
Palladium Hits Record High
Gold is no longer the most valuable precious metal! Palladium dethroned it!
Gold And The Political Theater: Is The Tail Wagging The Dog?
Economic reports are rarely fun. But when we read the latest US trade report, we could not help but laugh.
Gold Falls Below $1,300 After Powell’s Testimony: What To Expect From The ECB Meeting?
Gold bulls might be disappointed. The upward trend apparently ended.
Conflict Over Kashmir Risks Nuclear Winter, But Gold Goes Down
Wednesday was hot in terms of geopolitical events. Cohen testified before the Congress, Trump met with Kim, while India and Pakistan engaged in another conflict over Kashmir.
What Do You Want, Mr. Gold?
Maybe! After all, the Fed has turned dovish recently, which should be supportive for the yellow metal.
China-US Rivalry And Gold
It’s unimaginable what great progress China made in the last forty years.
Gold Weakens After FOMC Minutes
Although divided on future interest rate hikes, the Fed is united when it comes to the end of quantitative tightening.
Should We Declare Emergency For Gold?
No matter what you think about the national emergency concerning the southern border of the United States, gold is far from being under threat.
Is 2019 Like 2016 For The Gold Market?
Many analysts claim that this year is like 2016 for the gold market.
Gold Market In 2019: WGC Versus LBMA
Both the WGC and LBMA published outlooks for the global economy and gold market in 2019. Who is right?
20 Year Of Eurozone And Gold
The old continent is dying. The euro is on the brink of collapse. This is what you can often hear in the press. But is that really the case?
LBMA’s Forecasters Are Modestly Bullish On Gold. And You?
The recent gold price strength is encouraging.
1 to 16 of 385 Posts
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