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Arkadiusz Sieroń is a certified Investment Advisor. He is a long-time precious metals market enthusiast, current PhD candidate, composing a dissertation on the redistributive effects of monetary inflation (Cantillon effects). Arkadiusz is a free market advocate who believes in the power of ... more


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Is This Time Different? Predictive Power Of The Yield Curve And Gold
The predictive power of the yield curve has weakened, so it does not signal the recession. This is what the pundits claim. Are they right?
Is Widening Yield Curve Inversion Lifting Gold Prices Up?
Implications for gold are clear. The inversion of the yield curve is an important recessionary signal. Actually, it is one of the most reliable harbingers of the upcoming downturn.
Gold Bulls Must Love The Hong Kong Protests
It appears that the two steps forward, one step backwards approach of mainland China isn't working as Hong Kong citizens are protesting again.
History Of Yield Curve Inversions And Gold
The inversion of the yield curve is of crucial importance as it has historically been one of the most reliable recessionary gauges.
Currency Wars Are Wars That Gold Wins In The End
The escalating trade tensions between the U.S. and China added fuel to the gold's rally. It should not be surprising, as the trade war has entered a new phase.
Gold Awaits As Boris Johnson And The Fed Take The Spotlight
The increased chances of Brexit without any deal seem to be fundamentally the best scenario for gold. As a reminder, uncertainty around Brexit gave gold a strong boost back in 2016.
R-Word Index, Google Trends And Gold
Can the world-related indices predict the recession? Are they useful for the precious metals investors?
Will Powell Cut Interest Rates, Triggering Gold Rally?
In a week, the Fed may deliver its first interest rate cut since 2008. Given the market odds, the move is practically a foregone conclusion.
Sahm Unemployment Index And Gold
The yellow metal performs best when the economy is steeped in a crisis. We are still not there, however, remember that bullion tends to appreciate not only during recessions.
Two Fed Nominations Every Gold Investor Should Be Aware Of
The delicate balance of forces at the Fed has been disturbed. The doves grew stronger recently, and with new governors coming, their strength may increase even further.
Core Inflation Rises But Fed Is Going To Cut Rates. Will Gold Gain?
Whatever the reason, the Fed became more dovish despite core inflation being still around the target, which is a fundamentally bullish factor for gold.
Fed’s Recessionary Indicators And Gold
How likely is a recession in the United States? Let's focus on the most important recessionary models developed by the Fed.
Powell Testimony Propels Gold Above $1,400 - The Countdown To July's FOMC Is On
Hot Wednesday is behind us. We had both Powell's testimony to the Congress and the released minutes from the latest FOMC meeting. The biggest of yesterday's winner is clearly gold.
Can Gold Recover From Friday's Strong Payrolls Hit?
The nonfarm payrolls rebounded in June from May, calming worries about the health of an economy. Gold bulls surely aren't cheering that.
Once Upon A Time There Was A Goldilocks Economy. Will This Story End Well For Gold?
Goldilocks economy is the economy which combines moderate economic growth and low inflation. So, just as in a fairy tale, it is the economy which is neither too hot, generating inflation, nor too cold, creating recession, but just right.
Gold Declines As The Fed Dampens Rate Cut Expectations
What a week. On Tuesday, gold prices hit a six-year peak of almost $1,440. But they declined since then to almost $1,400. What is happening?
1 to 16 of 433 Posts
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