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Arkadiusz Sieroń is a certified Investment Advisor. He is a long-time precious metals market enthusiast, current PhD candidate, composing a dissertation on the redistributive effects of monetary inflation (Cantillon effects). Arkadiusz is a free market advocate who believes in the power of ... more

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Pandemics And Gold
Although present in popular culture, the outbreak of COVID-19 has brutally reminded people of the risk of a pandemic.
Sweden Ends Its Experiment With Negative Interest Rates. Should Gold Be Worried?
In December, the Sveriges Riksbank, the world's oldest central bank, has raised the main interest rate from -0.25 percent back to zero, ending its experiment with the negative interest rate policy.
Will The 2020s Be Good Or Bad For The Gold Market?
Last year, gold has finally ventured out of its sideways trend - and we believe that it will continue its upward march in the following decade. Not necessarily without a bigger medium-term decline first, though.
Better Prospects For Gold In 2020?
There are high chances that the fiscal stance in 2020 will be even easier than in 2019, which should support the gold prices, even though the markets seem to downplay the risk of the financial crisis.
Gold Bulls Are Impatient: Will They See A Recession In 2020?
The yield curve inversion in 2019 signals an economic downturn in 2020 or early 2021. So far, the yield curve has been the most powerful recessionary indicator, so the precious metals investors should not downplay it.
Three Upside And One Downside Risk For Gold
Tthe second part of the year should be more positive for gold that the first one.
10 Economic Trends That Will Shape The U.S. And Gold Market In 2020
We could see a strong dollar, higher real interest rates and lower risk aversion - a very bad combination for the price of gold. Hence, from the fundamental point of view, 2020 may be a worse year for gold than 2019.
The Gold Market In 2019
Gold rose more than 15 percent last year (as of December 20), but the yellow metal did not enter the full-blown bull market.
Manufacturing Recession And Gold
September marked the worst month for the U.S. manufacturing since the Great Recession. But is manufacturing still as important for the American economy in the 21st century as it used to be?
Power Of Narratives And Gold
The narrative about the economy, central banking and gold is changing again. The economy is slowing down and people worry about the recession.
What ECB’s Tiering Means For Gold
In a key policy shift, the ECB has recently introduced tiered system of interest rates. This news isn’t of interest only to the banks keeping their reserves at the ECB.
Will Repogeddon Make Gold Rally?
The GDP is growing at a decent pace, while the unemployment rate is at the lowest level in 50 years, but the Fed expands its balance sheet and cuts interest rates. Something stinks here, dear Watson.
Shot Up From Slightly Above 2 Percent To As High As 10 Percent
One of the most important recent developments in the world of finance was the September liquidity crisis in the U.S. repo market.
Strong October Jobs Data Stun Gold. For How Long?
Strong U.S. labor market does not help gold prices to go up. The decent job creation will support the current record-long expansion, preventing the yellow metal from rallying.
Fed Cuts Rates, Causing Gold To See-Saw
The Fed's 'wait and see' mode also means no further cuts in interest rates and no upward pressure on the bullion. But the history of the Fed clearly shows that it has a dovish bias.
Global Industrial Slump And Brexit Dance Go On. Will Gold Bop?
The odds for a cut are more than 95 percent, according to the futures. As it seems that the gold market has already priced in an interest rate cut, it should not affect gold prices substantially.
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