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Founder & CEO of Alfidi Capital
Anthony J. Alfidi is the founder and CEO of Alfidi Capital, an investment research firm in San Francisco, California. Alfidi Capital publishes free investment research with honesty and humor. Mr. Alfidi holds a Bachelor's degree in human resource management from the University of Notre Dame ...more


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The Haiku Of Finance For Ending Q1
Investment advice as haiku.
Halloween Haiku
Halloween spending - Candy price inflation time - Sweet time to profit
Richmont Mines Hangs In For Long Haul
I am impressed with Richmont Mines. Their longevity and profitability in 2015 were rare in a junior resource producer.
Awaiting Some Tumultuous Market Tumble
It has been a long time since the 2008 financial crisis. Everyone who bet on a market recovery since then has been rewarded. The experts have no idea how wrong they are about so much of the economy.
IGEN Networks Defies Explanation
5 years ago, someone told me and a few other people about some hot idea. It had something to do with IGEN Networks. I could not figure out the opportunity at the time, which is why I ignored it. 5 years later, the market can't figure it out either.
Soligenix And Rare Diseases
Several US government research agreements support Soligenix's development of biodefense products. Using federal research funds is a good move if it keeps the rest of an enterprise moving toward its larger business goals.
Small Business Indicators For Microcap Sector Choices
Microcap stocks are notoriously hard nuts to crack. They are the part of the investment universe that is typically less liquid, transparent and profitable than large-caps. A small number of microcap ETFs help diversify away company-specific risk.
Safely Transporting Oil By Railroad
The oil price crash impacts the railroad sector. Transporting freight gets cheaper, but demand for railcars to bring oil out of the Bakken fields and other places where pipelines were never laid is now dropping off.
Ultimate Lessons From JP Morgan Healthcare Conference 2016
Investors could have thrown a dart at the universe of stocks and funds in the large-cap health care sector after 2010 and come away winners. The bull case made sense up until mid-2015.
Inca One Gold Turns Its Wheels
Inca One Gold Corp. is yet another one of those tiny stocks milling around in precious metals mining. It trades under other tickers but the US listed one is the only one I need to see.
Oil Slump Leads To Shale 2.0, The Great Crew Change, And COP21
The oil sector's bear attack shows no signs of abating. OPEC's Saudi-led push for huge overproduction is driving the US shale sector to the brink of collapse.
Winter Bear Markets Start Off 2016
Investors are watching wealth evaporate in the first month of 2016. Major market indexes are down and the CBOE's volatility measure is up. Sleepwalking to easy wealth is no longer the order of the day.
China Eats Into Its Foreign Exchange Reserves
China's government and central bankers should worry about running out of money. Specifically, it is running down its reserves of other countries' currencies stored up after years of current account surpluses.
China Triggers US Stock Avalanche
Any stock market watchers who peeked out of their caves this week noticed that the economic slowdown in China is triggering a stock market selloff there, which in turn triggered a market selloff here in the US.
CytoSorbents Continues Despite Disappointing Financials
CytoSorbents Corporation has a brand new approach to removing blood impurities in critically ill patients.
No One Learned Anything In 2015
Wall Street closed out another year with nonsense galore. The DJIA went nowhere for 2015 and even closed down yesterday.
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