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Anthony J. Alfidi is the founder and CEO of Alfidi Capital, an investment research firm in San Francisco, California. Alfidi Capital publishes free investment research with honesty and humor. Mr. Alfidi holds a Bachelor's degree in human resource management from the University of Notre Dame ...more
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POET Technologies Has No Poetry
8 years ago

The stock (ticker POETF) has traded under a buck since August 2015. It did have a brief run up to over $2.00 in early 2014, so any investor who bought in during that time has a right to feel disappointed that POETF has since fallen in price. There is nothing misleading about citing facts from a company's own financial statements, such as negative retained earnings and lack of revenue. I meet plenty of entrepreneurs in the San Francisco area who convince themselves that a cute technology entitles their enterprise to a huge valuation. Tech skill is not the same thing as marketing skill but this is often lost on people who fall in love with their favorite laboratory concept.

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