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Andrew Abraham has been in the financial arena since 1990. He is a commodity trading advisor and co manager of a Commodity Pool. Since 1993 Andrew has been a proponent of quantitative mechanical trading programs. Andrew's major concern is not only total return on investment but ... more


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Jesse Livermore Shake Out Plus Three Trend Following Pattern
Jesse Livermore’s Shake Out Plus Three Trend Following Pattern could have been used in the high growth stock of U.S. Concrete USCR.
Has The Bull Stock Market Reappeared?
We have had a strong rally.These strong rallies can also be a retracement in a bear market.The fact is that the indexes have taken out the 200 DMA. If they can hold these moving averages this is very constructive and gives proof to this rally.
Trend Following: Using Long Term Moving Averages To Determine Trend $QQQ $GDX
What the weeklies are showing at the moment ( however they can change very simply as well) that Gold is starting or potentially starting an up trend and the Nasdaq is starting a down trend.
Jim Rogers "You Should Be Prepared” For Global Recession
Jim Rogers' statement "You Should Be Prepared” means you need a trading plan. You do not want to be bounced around the markets. (Video Length: 00:03:41)
Trend Following The Stock Market Weekend Review $GDX $ELLI $MXL $QQQ
It's been a very tough stock market for traders who are battling along with the bulls and bears. Friday's action was somewhat encouraging, albeit on lower volume. Lower volume does not show commitment but rather a potential bear market rally.
Trend Following Weekend Review Is The Stock Market Correction Over?
Last week, the market had a massive rally, however is still below the 200 EXMA. The leading stocks, the FANGs had a nice run and the VIX fell sharply.
Stock Market Weekend Review - January 20, 2016
Things seem to be getting worse and worse …so what you do in the stock market now? Panic? Sell Everything? (Video Length: 00:05:26)
Trend Following: Learning From Stock Market Big Winners $QQQ $SPY $GMCR
Trend following stocks is always staying on top of your game. You need to read. You need to be aware and mostly you need to constantly learn.
Trend Following Stock Market Weekend Review - 12/20/2015
The QQQ closed below the 50 day EXMA and SPY​ closed below both the 50 EXMA and 200 EXMA. This is not healthy for a bull market. This bull market is almost turning 7 years old.
Trend Following Stock Market Weekend Review-12/06/2015
This week we had a major selloff and the next day a major rally. This bullish shakeout could be considered positive for the markets, so we look at the charts of the QQQ, Facebook, Amazon and among others.
Trend Following Stock Market Weekend Review - 11/29/15
We possibly are in the later stages of one of the most hated bull markets ever. There is great fear and many have thought that the stock market will crash.
Trend Following Stocks 11-22-2015 Watch List And Stock Market Review
In this video we speak about Facebook and other companies that are making money… and have something new and innovative. We are also taking a close look at the fundamentals and technicals of the SPY and QQQ.
Stock Trading Profits Via Pyramiding With Metastock
Join Andrew Abraham, in a one hour class designed to show you the benefits of pyramiding your stock trades.
Market Leaders With Gaps And Pyramiding
Yesterday facebook gapped on earnings and is at a new high. I will be putting in a buy stop at the highs with an additional 10% of my position. When a position works you want to maximize it.
The Bear Story Stock Market Is Becoming More Relevant
The volume increased yesterday. Institutions were net sellers. Leading stocks fell below their perspective 50 day moving averages…there are death crosses now on all the major averages…Not a time to be long the stock market…
Trend Following Takes Patience And A Plan
Trend Following is not magical. Trend following takes patience and a complete trading plan. Watch this Youtube video to learn more…
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