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Andrew Abraham has been in the financial arena since 1990. He is a commodity trading advisor and co manager of a Commodity Pool. Since 1993 Andrew has been a proponent of quantitative mechanical trading programs. Andrew's major concern is not only total return on investment but ... more

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ESNT Cup And Handle Trend Following Setup
The Nasdaq has been hitting some tough days. These days enable setups to show up. One of these setups is Essent Group, a mortgage lender, which is surprising.
Trend Following CRUS Stock – Patience & Discipline
When trend following one needs to temper their expectations and always be patient. One leading stock exemplifies this, CRUS.
Sizeable Stock Market Gains - Trend Following
Yesterday, the market spent most of the session in slightly positive territory, doing a good job of holding on to the gains of the last two days. Selling in the last half hour erased those small gains and the major averages closed about unchanged.
Stock Market Crash Alert - Trend Following
Yes…the stock market has been trending upwards…however that has waned…Company valuations are sky-high.
Extreme Stock Market Valuations – Trend Following
Stock valuations are at highs only seen since 1929, 2000 and 2007 yet the stock market still is churning upwards. Breadth is weak and not all stocks are participating.
Stock Consolidation Patterns In Trend Following
Stock consolidation patterns give investors potential to take up new positions in trend following or even add on a successful position. When adding or pyramiding, one should not get to top heavy.
How To Use The Moving Average Crossover Trading Strategy To Make Profitable Investment Decisions
No matter what investment vehicle you’re using or what asset you’re investing in, chances are that you understand the importance of strategy.
Time To Change The Trend Following Systematic Model?
These two charts are very interesting in that they are exactly the same model algometrically of managed futures. However the returns are vastly different.
EU Economy And Gold Trend
The price of gold has shot up by about 45% since the year began with much of the gains in value made post Brexit due to the uncertainty in the EU economy.
Relative Strength ETF Rankings – Trend Following
In trend following you want to try to buy the strongest when they are trending. Here is a list of the strongest and weakest ETFs.
Trend Following Mid Year Stock Update
We just crossed the midpoint of 2016. It is rather easy to state that equity valuations look overstretched. Analysts at Credit Suisse note that S&P 500 valuations stand at 1.49 standard deviations from the historical norm.
Multiple Entry Options When Trend Following
One should focus on the strongest stocks in the strongest sectors. Cherish market pull backs as they provide the entries. Installed Building Products had numerous entries. From a fundamental point, very strong with earnings.
Gold Going To 10,000?
I am sure every newbie investor would love to jump on the gold bandwagon when some guru would state gold is going to 2,000…5,000 or 10,000.
PAR Pacific – Sam Zell Value Play Trend Following
Sam Zell is one investor I truly respect & watch. Today he is seeking assets below replacement cost similar to what he did in the field of real estate in the 1970s & 1980s. Buy when everyone was selling.
Power Of Sloping Trend Lines When Trend Following
I use sloping trend lines as entries and to confirm the trend. In the case of Match Group, let's take a look at the sloping trend line as it hits all time highs.
Trend Following - British Pound Going To Parity With US Dollar
Anything can happen. The British pound might rally up from this point and it is possible that the British pound could go to parity with US dollar.
1 to 16 of 107 Posts
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