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Andrey is a financial analyst and successful trader since 2005. He prefers to work with highly volatile instruments. A member of RoboForex Analytical Department, Andrey writes short- and long-term reviews for the company’s clients, and publishes analytical materials on financial markets. He adheres ... more


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Pound Is Keeping A Stiff Upper Lip
The Pound Sterling keeps trying to reach stability against the USD.
Brent Dropped To Its February Lows
The commodity market is now experiencing a huge stress due to concerns of the reduction in demand for energies.
Investors Don’t Believe In Gold
Gold continues falling – by Monday 19 September, it has reached $1,664. Earlier, it rebounded from the resistance level at $1,680 to indicate how strong the bearish pressure still is.
Brent Is Stressed Again
The commodity market remains extremely volatile. On Monday, a Brent barrel is declining to 91.50 USD and looks unstable.
British Pound Is In The Midst Of Falling
The British pound against the US dollar is devaluating too fast. The GBP/USD pair has already dropped to 1.1477.
Pound Is Plunging On The News
The Pound Sterling continues plummeting against the USD; by now, it has already dropped to 1.1660.
Crude Oil Is Depressed Again
The commodity market remains under bearish control on Monday, Brent is falling to reach $95.45.
The Pound Is Losing Momentum
The Pound Sterling continues to fall against the USD on Monday; the instrument is mostly trading at 1.2117.
Brent Is Stressed And Continues To Decline
The commodity market suffered another stress last week.
Crude Oil Is Afraid Of Geopolitics
The commodity sector remains rather tense on Monday; Brent is trading at $102.75.
The Reserve Bank Of Australia’s Comments Support AUD
AUD/USD is balancing at 0.6083 on Monday. The bulls managed to break the descending channel and they stand a good chance of starting a new ascending tendency in the near future.
EURUSD Is Growing After Unsuccessful Test Of Parity
EUR/USD is steadily rising and has already reached 1.0138. After testing 1.0000 for several trading sessions, the pair reversed upwards after all.
Politics Might Support GBP
GBP/USD is balancing at 1.1987 today. The Pound Sterling remains under pressure despite a recent rebound caused by political news.
Gold Price Analysis: Too Much Pressure
The Gold prices reached stability on Monday not far from $1,812 per troy ounce.
Crude Oil Is Consolidating
On Monday morning, the Brent price is balancing at $113 per barrel The commodity marker remains uncertain – supply isn’t expanding as quick as expected and demand might drop as well.
Japanese Yen Might Change The Trend
At the beginning of the new week, the Japanese yen against the US dollar is consolidating but looks quite weak yet.
1 to 16 of 19 Posts
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