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Andrey is a financial analyst and successful trader since 2005. He prefers to work with highly volatile instruments. A member of RoboForex Analytical Department, Andrey writes short- and long-term reviews for the company’s clients, and publishes analytical materials on financial markets. He adheres ...more

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Gold Hits Record High Amid Growing Geopolitical Tensions
Gold prices have soared past 2400.00 USD, reaching a new record high on Friday.
British Pound Shows Signs Of Recovery Amid Favorable Inflation Data
The British Pound is showing signs of recovery, bouncing back from a five-month low, with GBP/USD stabilizing around the 1.2470 mark on Thursday.
Brent Crude Prices Dip Amid Concerns Over Global Demand
Brent crude oil prices decreased slightly on Wednesday, falling to 89.50 USD per barrel.
NZD Hits Five-Month Low Against Strong US Dollar
The New Zealand dollar has plummeted to a five-month low, with the NZD/USD pair touching the 0.5890 mark.
US Dollar Exhibits Remarkable Strength Amid Global Tensions
The EUR/USD pair has experienced a notable decline, currently stabilising around 1.0648.
Australian Dollar Struggles Amid Robust US Economic Data
The AUD/USD pair remains under pressure, hovering around 0.6528 on Friday. challenges, with a sharp decline against the USD. Efforts to stabilise the exchange rate have seen limited success thus far.
US Dollar Strengthens Following High Inflation Data
The EUR/USD pair has experienced a significant decline, stabilising around 1.0745 by Thursday.
EUR/USD Holds Steady Ahead Of Key Economic Updates
The EUR/USD pair is maintaining a neutral stance, trading around 1.0851 on Wednesday, as the market anticipates crucial updates, including the US inflation data for March and the outcome of the European Central Bank (ECB) meeting on Thursday.
Yen Weakens Amid Intervention Concerns And Interest Rate Differentials
The Japanese yen is experiencing a notable decline against the US dollar, with the USD/JPY pair currently hovering around 151.88 on Tuesday.
Gold Hits New Record High Amid Favourable Factors
Gold's price soared to a new record high on Monday, stabilising around 2344.00 USD per troy ounce. A confluence of factors is currently bolstering the precious metal's value.
EUR/USD Surges Following Powell's Remarks On Interest Rates
The EUR/USD pair moved upward to 1.0844 on Thursday, marking an unexpected shift following a period of strong US dollar performance.
Gold Hits Record High; Silver Peaks On Fed Rate Cut Speculation
Gold prices have soared to an all-time high of 2288.00 USD per troy ounce, while silver reached its highest in two years.
The US Dollar Strengthens Following Positive Manufacturing Data
The EUR/USD pair has dipped to its lowest since 15 February this year following the release of encouraging data regarding the US manufacturing sector's activity on Monday.
Gold's Price Reaches New Heights Amid Global Market Uncertainty
On Friday, the price of gold reached an unprecedented peak, soaring above 2,230 USD.
GBP Consolidates Amid Concerns Over Economic Growth And Wage Trends
The GBP/USD pair is currently consolidating, hovering around the 1.2631 mark.
Australian Dollar Slides To Three-Week Low
The AUD/USD pair is declining, reaching 0.6539 on Wednesday. 
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