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Arnie Singer is a CPA with extensive business and management experience in real estate and business management. He has been trading and investing for over 30 years and is currently focused on stock and options trading and investments Arnie Singer is also the founder of Analyze The Trade, which ...more


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Time To Buy Oil Stocks Again?
If you want to bet that oil will go higher and take oil equities with it, take a look at Exxon, which looks like it could continue moving higher, on the weekly chart.
Trade Recap: COF Trade Based On Options Flow
The daily chart showed COF breaking out of consolidation, and the general market was looking very bullish, especially for the beaten down and lagging financial sector.
Can Retail Traders Use Macro And Fundamental Analysis To Trade?
Retail traders can often do very thorough and sophisticated research and analysis. But is it good enough to base trading decisions on?
Economic Conditions Outweigh Geopolitical Concerns In Oil Prices
Oil is being affected by economic and demand concerns, not Middle East turmoil.
Crude Is Pulling Back. Is This A Buying Opportunity?
The situation in the Middle East will get much hotter very soon, which will drive crude much higher.
Energy Stocks Are Selling Off Hard. Should You Buy Or Sell?
Crude futures hit a high of 93.69 on 9/28 before selling off on heavy volume down to 82.10 on 10/4.
What Is A Low Volume Retest And Why Is It So Important?
The two most important market indicators traders watch and base their trading decisions on are price and volume.
Should You Use Stops In Your Trading?
There are good reasons to have stops on your trades, but there are also some important factors to consider before placing them.
You Can’t Beat The Smart Money; So Why Not Join Them?
Don’t fight the smart money. They will beat you every time. But if you can figure out how they operate, you can try to follow them into and out of their winning trades.
1 to 9 of 9 Posts