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Arnie Singer is a CPA with extensive business and management experience in real estate and business management. He has been trading and investing for over 30 years and is currently focused on stock and options trading and investments Arnie Singer is also the founder of Analyze The Trade, which ...more
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Want To Know Why The Market Is Going Down?
2 months ago

and yet most people, especially retail investors, either ignore it or just don't understand it. But you're right, it's as basic as it gets!

Energy Stocks Are Selling Off Hard. Should You Buy Or Sell?
8 months ago

I personally am very bullish on oil because the turmoil in the Middle East is only going to get worse, especially for Iran and their oil exports. But the oil equities seem to be following the S&P, not necessarily the commodity. So if this market tumbles, the oil names will probably go down too.

You Can’t Beat The Smart Money; So Why Not Join Them?
1 year ago

Looking at a longer term chart is definitely something a short term trader should do to map out longer term support and resistance levels and volume levels. 

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