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Seasoned investment professional specializing in the research, design and implementation of non-discretionary investment strategies and portfolio management models. Investment Analyst: Proficient in both fundamental and technical analysis, Adam writes daily market commentary to more than 300,000 ...more

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TV’s “Mythbusters” Reveal Secret To Nvidia’s AI Dominance
Nvidia’s GPUs are poised to transform the world by fast-tracking a whole new generation of AI-powered projects.
Ranking The 4 Biggest AI Arms Race Stocks
The AI arms race is here. And it’s projected to add a staggering $200 trillion to the global economy. Only a handful of companies have pockets that are deep enough to keep up. But which one of these stocks should you add to your portfolio today?
Made In The U.S. Of AI: Investing In The Chipmakers Of America
American ingenuity has powered every “Big Tech” mega trend for the last 150 years. American businesses always seem to lead the charge. But there’s still one last speed bump on the road to America’s continued dominance: Semiconductors.
The Visionary Tech Titan Behind The IPad’s Ancestor
You’ve probably never heard of the iPad’s “ancient” predecessor. The inventor of this device was Thomas Peterffy — a self-made billionaire and founder of one of our favorite longstanding holdings, Interactive Brokers Group Inc.
Tech Trend Update: From An EV Sales “Winter” To Big Data Breakout
At the end of last year, Tesla was riding high — leading the market as a member of the “Magnificent Seven.” Now, it’s become the worst-performing stock in the S&P 500. Many analysts (myself included) believe it still has further to fall.
Canadian Solar Is The Best Value To Buy Now
Here's a solar stock that more than doubled since I first recommended… and, yet, is still a better value than its peers.
Oil Or Gold — Which Is The Better Buy?
Oil prices surged higher on Thursday and Friday, following a tweet from President Donald Trump that promised progress on the stand-off between Russia and Saudi Arabia.
Technical Take On Facebook
As Mark Zuckerberg spent two days chatting with Congress, you can bet your bottom dollar that everyone and his brother was trying to figure out whether the stock is a “buy” or a “sell.”
Opportunity: Gold On The Move
Shares of the SPDR Gold Trust are up nearly 4% in 2018. And I’m forecasting another 7%-plus gain over the next two months.
Has Bitcoin Infected Wall Street?
Bitcoin is an infantile market. Now I’m beginning to realize – whether deserved or not – just how big of a deal this latest market craze has become.
The Winners In Inflation
The real winners of the recent inflation trade has been commodities.
When Will Higher Rates Kill Stocks?
There’s a strongly-held belief that higher interest rates always work against stocks.
What If Oil Spikes To $150… Again?
If you don’t have cash in hand, ready for when that golden opportunity lands in your lap – or, if you can’t recognize a golden opportunity in the first place – you’ll never make the big bucks.
What If Oil Spikes To $150… Again?
Investors are a worrying bunch. Should they?
An Early Warning Sign Or Another Buy Signal?
Stock prices always have the “last word,” in debates over valuation, risk, and the like. And since stock prices are indeed moving higher, it seems like, for now at least, all the worry has been for naught.
Home Country Bias: If You’re Not Convinced Yet, Look At This
The Dow Jones Industrial Average is as American as apple pie.
1 to 16 of 41 Posts