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Seasoned investment professional specializing in the research, design and implementation of non-discretionary investment strategies and portfolio management models. Investment Analyst: Proficient in both fundamental and technical analysis, Adam writes daily market commentary to more than 300,000 ...more


Canadian Solar Is The Best Value To Buy Now
Here's a solar stock that more than doubled since I first recommended… and, yet, is still a better value than its peers.
Oil Or Gold — Which Is The Better Buy?
Oil prices surged higher on Thursday and Friday, following a tweet from President Donald Trump that promised progress on the stand-off between Russia and Saudi Arabia.
Technical Take On Facebook
As Mark Zuckerberg spent two days chatting with Congress, you can bet your bottom dollar that everyone and his brother was trying to figure out whether the stock is a “buy” or a “sell.”
Opportunity: Gold On The Move
Shares of the SPDR Gold Trust are up nearly 4% in 2018. And I’m forecasting another 7%-plus gain over the next two months.
Has Bitcoin Infected Wall Street?
Bitcoin is an infantile market. Now I’m beginning to realize – whether deserved or not – just how big of a deal this latest market craze has become.
The Winners In Inflation
The real winners of the recent inflation trade has been commodities.




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An Epic Year
XIV is far more volatile than the S&P 500 (SPY), even though they typically move in the same direction. But the volatility of a security isn’t necessarily “good” or “bad.”
Fed’s Interference Has Changed The Game
For the longest time now, everybody and their brother has cursed the Fed for essentially taking the “free” out of “free markets.” And there’s nothing that makes us, as investors, more uncertain or uncomfortable. Right?!
Stop Reading The News!
I’m convinced that the average retail investor does worse with their investments… the more they read the news. Overconsumption has become a big issue.
How To Play The Bear Market Rally In Commodities
Just because commodity prices are stuck in a long, multi-year bear market doesn’t mean you can’t make some nice short-term profits along the way
Harnessing Fully Limited Risk
It’s incredibly difficult to maintain discipline to a strategy that rarely wins and also exposes investors to large, often catastrophic losses.
To Beat The Market, You Need A Winning Strategy
The safest way to navigate today's wacky, Fed-driven market is to follow a rules-based investment system. The best part? They don't even have to be complex!
Thanks For The Favor, Fed
We all know that the Fed's hand is heavier than ever, but did you know that there are ways to profit off of the Fed's constant intervention? Here's how.
Finding Profits In This Low-Return Market
Stock returns have been hard to come by recently, but there are still gains to be had if you know how to position yourself in market-neutral territory.

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