Market Briefing For Tuesday, March 19, 2024

Fitting parts of AI together is complicated with the future unknown with regards to many aspects. Monetizing is difficult, hence the focus on smaller disruptive stocks that area already generating revenue, but may face larger competition or be bought-out (especially where they have strong Patents).


Today Apple and Google essentially tried to 'ambush' Nvidia ahead of the post-Close Keynote at their first developer live/virtual Ai conference. All three of these are huge capitalization contributors to the S&P, so a break in any or all could impact the Index, or sustain it's extended levels for that matter.

Analysts are betting the 'good news on Ai' isn't entirely factored into prices at this point, but I'm unwilling to chase any of the big-caps since we hold AMD already (also a player) and for that matter some Apple from years ago. We'll see about the scrappy small players, but you know our general thinking.

Nvidia also developed a dynamic formula engine (ahh!), which is probability (predictive?) precision that is important when dealing with Ai (too complicated for me, but interesting). The new set-up is twice as fast as used with Hopper, and that means GPU's working in-tandem and amplifies capabilities. Well in the weekend report I showed graphics that resembled 'SkyNet'. This sounds like SkyNet (for those of you who are old enough to recall 'Terminator'.)


Market X-ray: 

Much of what I discussed (or Nvidia talked about) is really for the next generation of computing, and perhaps of people. This goes beyond 'Moore's Law', and I remain honored to have met Andy Grove (his colleague) when he was President of Intel years ago. Fine man.

And maybe that's the issue here, Andy Grove was a 'man' and Jensen Huang of Nvidia is talking about coherent linkage between chips, capable of talking to each other without 'man', and there you go... insane Ai... DGX.. 'SkyNet'.

And by the way, now we have a Fed 2-day Meeting.




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