E Market Briefing For Monday, Oct. 5

Markets absorbed the White House chaos surprisingly well; but we're only now in the first phase of the President's experience with Covid-19. He now is reportedly over a fever; and doing well. However the 'timeline' in getting to this point is being debated; as well as 'when' the President knew not only that he was positive; but had symptoms that could have negated several public appearances (that made him a super-spreader 'if' everyone around him was tested and negative, masks off; while he or staff mislead attendees at a luncheon or so on). We'll let the media debate the relevance.

Conceivably he was unknowingly a carrier while asymptomatic at the Debate (farce); although media barbs about that are likely inappropriate. Let's try to avoid the political side of this; although it matters to markets in several ways; depending on public polls, or other indications if the President's condition (now shared by numerous staff with no choice at the White House, as they simply work there), really reflects Covid's spread to those in Rose Garden events; hence around DC; where politicians of both parties to a degree felt invincible (they must if it's only today Speaker Pelosi says 'maybe we need a Covid-test system in Congress...). I've noted need for 'antibody' therapeutics.

If he does not show an improvement on Regeneron's 'experimental' (in current tests which a 'compassionate use exemption') antibody therapy over about 4-6 days, the concern will be that the antiviral load hasn't been sufficiently reduced, and there's a problem. Risks moving the President to respiratory problems would be a worry, and I think that's most likely why they did move him to Walter Reed.

Fri. morning HHS Secretary Azar mentioned an EUA within a few weeks for drugs of this type; and that would imply knowledge that everybody dealing with Covid will soon be putting pressure on doctors to provide them such treatment options as well. (That's totally understandable, and I presume Azar knows that when you can't have more of a high-profile 'observational' test subject than the President of the United States.)

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William K. 1 month ago Member's comment

Very Interesting and educational indeed, thanks for doing the research. I did not see it as so political, but certainly no fawning.

Possibly the president has learned something about who may be infected, but with more care and spending on his treatment than any other royalty, of course with the best treatment the good results happen. (and consider that a few claim it was all a fake.) But I have heard not one word about the first lady and her recovery. Has anyone heard??

Certainly some pharma groups will prosper and one might become a superhero, or not. But that is all in the unknown future. Good guesses are OK but they are still just guesses. The consensus is that eventually there will be a recovery, but not fully or quickly.

And then there is the issue of climate change, and what must be done to appease the sun, which has boosted it's heat output but not told anybody?? Conditions are indeed ripe for some kind of change, but I really do not wish to be poor, live in a cave, and eat rocks. So the next few months will be incredibly "Interesting", although I hope not.

Old Time Investor 1 month ago Member's comment

Seemed very political versus facts.

Gene Inger 1 month ago Author's comment

What I do is a 'blend' of everything; and I try to be centrist with politics and just explain what happens depending on the outcome. These 'freebie' reports are a courtesy and do NOT include my chart videos, stock discussions or any picks, such as our writeup's about Sorrento Therapeutics or LightPath. So if you care about individual stocks or technical analysis; try our Service. www.ingerletter.com