AirBnBust Update: "Zero Reasons" For Optimism

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In the midst of the current slowdown in the housing market, more scrutiny is falling on short-term rentals.

A booming real estate sector until recently, STRs are now feeling the pinch of higher input costs and higher mortgage rates, right as the wave of "revenge travel" unleashed post-COVID is appearing to abate.

Calls for a correction, potentially even wash-out of these units, many of which were purchased with hot money, FOMO, and dreams of big cash flows during the pandemic by retail buyers with little to no experience as property managers.

Such a correction -- an "AirBnBust" as many are calling it -- could unleash a flood of inventory in many markets with a high concentration of STRs, which would add momentum to any general correction unfolding in the wider national housing market.

How likely is that to occur?

Today we're fortunate to have housing analyst Amy Nixon back on the program to give us her latest outlook on the situation.

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