The AI Sector Consists Of A Number Of Categories - Check Them Out

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As you are aware I write frequently on the AI sector and the articles cover a number of categories within the sector. Below are the 5 categories that I cover with a short description of what they are about.

  1. Portfolio of 12 Best Performing AI ETFs
  2. Top AI Stocks In Biggest Bubble
    • Nine (9) artificial intelligence and AI-related (AI&R) stocks, with market capitalizations in excess of $2B, have advanced by 60% or more since the bubble began to develop at the end of April into early May, with an average increase of 95%.
    • The 9 stocks are, in descending order, YTD: IonQ (IONQ); Super Micro Computer (SMCI); Upstart (UPST); Recursion Pharma (RXRX); Palantir Tech (PLTR); (AI); Zscaler (ZS); Symbotic (SYM); and Advantest (ATEYY).
    • Latest article: These 9 AI Stocks Are Up 95%, On Average, Since End Of April
  3. AI "Penny" Stock Portfolio
    • If you are looking to invest in lesser-value artificial intelligence and intelligence-related (AI&R) stocks consider one of the few "penny" stocks that are trading for $5.00/share or less and also have market capitalizations of at least $70M.
    • Here is a list of 12 such stocks in descending order, YTD: Rigetti Computing (RGTI); Verses AI (VRSSF); Rekor Systems (REKR); GSI Technology (GSIT); Presto Automation (PRST); SoundHound AI (SOUN); D-Wave Quantum (QBTS); Knightscope (KSCP); Quantum Computing (QUBT); Butterfly Network (BFLY); Innoviz Tech (INVZ) and Veritone (VERI).
    • Latest article: These 9 "Penny" AI Stocks Are Up 43%, On Average, In Just 3 Months
  4. Small Cap AI Stocks Portfolio
    • Every bull market starts with large caps because investors become more confident but remain largely cautious and unwilling to get too risky, so they buy only “safe stocks” – large caps. However, in every new bull market – usually about 6-9 months after the market bottoms – there is a major shift: optimism and greed replace skepticism and caution and small caps start to meaningfully outperform large-cap stocks.
    •  To take full advantage of this coming small-cap shift - and surge - consider investing in one or more of these 12 small-cap stocks presented in descending order, YTD: Applied Optoelectronics (AAOI); Innodata (INOD); Applied Digital ((APLD); Rigetti Computing (RGTI); Verses AI (VRSSF); Rekor Systems (REKR); SoundHound AI (SOUN); Presto Automation (PRST); Exscientia ((EXAI); D-Wave Quantum (QBTS); Butterfly Network (BFLY); and Innoviz Technologies (INVZ).
    • Latest article: Small Cap AI Stocks Should Surge In The Coming Months - Here's Why
  5. Quantum Computing Stocks Portfolio
    • Quantum computing companies are still years away from curing cancer, but they can do things in hours that would take classical computers years to do.
    • Here are 12 quantum computing stocks that could generate incredible returns for investors over the next few years: Alphabet (GOOGL); IBM (IBM); Amazon (AMZN); Microsoft (MSFT); Intel (INTC); Nvidia (NVDA); Taiwan Semiconductor (TSM); Alibaba (BABA); IonQ (IONQ); Baidu (BIDU); D-Wave Quantum (QBTS); and Rigetti Computing (RGTI)
    • Latest article: Quantum Computing: 12 Stocks For What The Future May Hold

As the weeks progress I will update the content of above categories along with the latest articles on each and rank them in order of their stock performances to help you decide which, if any, category warrants your investing consideration.

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