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The week ended with a disappointment in hiring levels which failed to back up lower unemployment numbers from earlier this week. 49,000 new jobs were created in Jan. when forecasts called for 50,000. The US Senate passed the $1.9 trillion stimulus package thanks to Veep Kamala Harris. Classic inflation hedge gold rose after supply chain costs upped the fear of inflation in producer prices. But the pharma sector was hit by profit-taking.

And one of my favorite hedges missed and fell a lot.

Despite the iniquitous laxity of Blue Host's parent, which did not live up to its label as Endurance International when it first double billed my company and then simply erased all the material I moved to it, I was able to get back my website from the registrar, Godaddy. I am a believer in backups. Yesterday I managed to get access to the site for my new webmaster in Mexico City despite a bit of racism by initially blocking him. He will be upgrading the site so I can stop sending my blogs from my e-mail account and use my website again. That means subscribers who have been carried because of the chaos will have to renew with either a check now or a more expensive credit card order later. The reason is that my costs go up when there is a credit card order. I will also stop giving stock news to all and will go back to a two-part blog, with general news free and stock market news charged for. My new webmaster created a two-part system for another daily blog with which we share news so he is able to do this well.

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*The reporting company which disappointed today is CBOE, the Chicago Board Options Exchange which has expanded internationally. I like to make money with puts and calls but not to place them myself because I think options are a mug's game for retail investors. Its Q4 GAAP earnings missed forecasts badly but its revenues rose 9.6%, to $307 mn. Moreover, there are special features of this stock that offset the 22% miss in GAAP EPS. This stock returned 69% in 2020 to its shareholders, $520 mn with share repurchases at the highest level ever. It expects to see revenues rise in 2021 by 4.6% thanks to recent acquisitions and organic growth, to hit $531-539 mn. The board authorized another $200 mn repurchase program for the current year.

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William K. 2 weeks ago Member's comment

Thanks for the encouraging updates. One challenge I offer is about one assertion: "*Tencent listed Kuaishou which tripled in value in Hong Kong today. This kind of euphoria is very unhealthy." I base my challenge on "value", and I am thinking that really that should be share price, which does jump around a lot, rather than actual value, a quantity that is much more complex to define. I always enjoy reading your posts, V L, and so I am just trying to assure that all is completely valid.

OR, if Kuaishou really DID triple in actual value, that would be worthy of additional comment indeed.

Vivian Lewis 2 weeks ago Author's comment

after the ipo Kuaishou tripled in price, not value. sorry