Cha-Ching! Whopping 30.8% Pay Raise

Dividend growth investing is such a fantastic long-term investment strategy. It almost guarantees you success. This strategy acts like a filter, directing you toward only the best businesses in the world. After all, it takes a special business to be able to hand out ever-larger dividends, year after year, for decades on end. Those growing dividends prove growing profit. Can't fake cash.

Certainly can't fake a pile of cash that gets bigger and bigger. And what does a growing pile of cash mean? Financial freedom. If you can get yourself a pile of growing cash that's large enough to cover your bills, you're home free. See, while passive income is great, you really need growing passive income. Inflation increases the costs of goods and services over time. And you have to make sure that your passive income can keep up with, or even exceed, the rate of inflation.

The first dividend increase you should know about came from KLA Corp. (KLAC). KLA just increased their dividend by 16.7%. How would you like to wake up and see that you just got a 16.7% pay raise for doing absolutely nothing other than hold stock? That sure beats bacon and eggs, or any other breakfast I can think of. Rise and shine, indeed. This marks the 12th consecutive year of dividend increases for the semiconductor manufacturing company.

The second dividend increase I have to tell you about came from Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc. (BR). Broadridge just increased their dividend by 10.3%. Another dividend growth stock. Another double-digit increase in passive dividend income. You can almost set your watch to some of this stuff. It just doesn't get any easier than that. This is the 15th consecutive year of dividend increases for the corporate services company.

Last but not least, let's talk about the dividend increase that came in from Nordson Corporation (NDSN). Nordson just increased their dividend by a whopping 30.8%. I don't think I ever got a 31% pay raise at my old day job, back when I still had it. And even if I would have gotten such a pay raise, it's something that would have required an incredible amount of work on my part. Yet Nordson shareholders get a near-31% increase in their income by simply keeping shares in a brokerage account. How awesome is that?

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