Buy These 3 Stocks Before President Biden’s Infrastructure Plan Gets Signed Into Law

President Joe Biden unveiled a $2 trillion infrastructure plan. It's a very broad plan, impacting everything from housing to roads to technology. And while it'll likely change somewhat before it gets passed, we're talking about a lot of money here.

No matter how the cookie ultimately crumbles, many, many companies are going to benefit from this plan. And that's where investors like you and I have an opportunity. I want to share with you three stocks, possibly the best stocks to buy now, that could benefit directly from this plan.

First, they're all dividend growth stocks. As you viewers know, I only make videos on and personally invest in dividend growth stocks. These are stocks that pay reliable, rising dividends because they're earning reliable, rising profits. If you can't afford to pay a growing dividend or aren't willing to pay me my fair share of profits, I'm not interested.

Second, they're wonderful businesses that'll do well with or without this infrastructure plan. That's right. These businesses are doing great already. And they'll continue to do well on their own volition. But they should see a nice boost from the infrastructure plan. Nothing wrong with some extra icing on an already delicious cake.

Third, each business is very different and will benefit from a different aspect of the infrastructure plan. Want to know which three stocks I'm talking about?

The first stock I want to bring to your attention is Caterpillar Inc. - stock ticker CAT. That's with or without more infrastructure spending. But with a major part of Biden's plan allocating spending to the improvement of traditional infrastructure in things like roads and bridges, that infrastructure only gets built with the help of big machinery.

It's doubled over the last year, no doubt fueled by the anticipation of increased infrastructure spending. And the valuation, with a P/CF ratio of 20, looks rich. But Caterpillar is a long-term winner for sure, with or without Biden's plan.

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William K. 1 month ago Member's comment

Less than half of that 2 trillion dollars is designated for actual infrastructure such as roads, bridges, and utilities. The larger portion is pork for businesses and assorted favored development programs. So president Biden has started his term with a HUGE LIE!! More than half the money will not be spent on upgrading our infrastructure, but rather on a huge collection of stuff that is not infrastructure.

Unfortunately I am rather intolerant about being lied to, and thus I am offended by the package.