A Review Of How Our 11 Semiconductor And AI Portfolios Performed In June


What Is the Semiconductor Value Chain?

The semiconductor value chain refers to the 6 stages involved in the production and distribution of semiconductor devices that involves multiple companies, each with their own specialized roles.

Below are summaries of 6 articles I had posted on TalkMarkets over the past week on the major pure-play stocks in each segment. They are presented in descending order as to their performances in June, and YTD along with their focus, number of constituents in each portfolio, a hyperlink to each article and their pageviews, as follows:

  1. Pure-Play Assembly, Test and Packaging Companies Portfolio:
  2. Pure-Play Semiconductor Foundries Portfolio:
    • UP 14.4% in June (UP 33.8% YTD)
    • Segment Focus: concentrates all its efforts in the manufacturing of chips based on designs provided by other semiconductor companies which allows it to specialize in manufacturing processes and technologies
    • Number of Pure-Play Constituents: 4
    • Article Pageviews: 943
    • Latest Article:
  3. Pure-Play Fabless Semiconductor Companies Portfolio:
  4. Pure-Play Semiconductor Equipment and Material Suppliers Portfolio:
    • UP 9.5% in June (UP 36.4% YTD)
    • Segment Focus: provides essential equipment for manufacturing semiconductors such as lithography machines, etching, test and packaging equipment, automation and inspection systems and production materials such as chemicals, gases, wafers and packaging
    • Number of Pure-play Constituents: 5
    • Article Pageviews: 902
    • Latest Article:
  5. Pure-Play EDA Custom Design Software Stocks Portfolio:
  6. Largest Integrated Semiconductor Manufacturers (IDM) Portfolio:
    • DOWN 1.2% in June (UP 13.1% YTD)
    • Segment Focus:  designs, manufactures, and sells its own semiconductor products to allow them to control the entire production process, from design to fabrication, resulting in greater efficiency and quality control.
    • Number of Constituents: 6
    • Article Pageviews: 215
    • Latest Article:


The above 6 Portfolios went UP 9.6%, on average, in June and are now UP 32.3% YTD. Understanding the semiconductor value chain is crucial for anyone interested in technology and its impact on the global economy and I hope the above information has accomplished that.


In addition to the above, I had 5 other articles posted on TalkMarkets in the past week (all hyperlinked below) that round out the performances of all the semiconductor and AI sectors that are tracked and commented on in my portfolios. The portfolio performances are summarized below, in descending order, as to their performances in June and YTD along with the number of constituents in each portfolio and the number of pageviews of each article:

  1. Pure-Play Cybersecurity Software Stocks Up 15% In June
    • UP 14.5% in June (UP 18.2% YTD)
    • Number of Constituents: 7
    • Article Pageviews: 1016
  2. Micro/Small Cap AI Stocks Portfolio Went Up 3% In June
    • UP 3.2% in June (DOWN 13.5% YTD)
    • Number of Constituents: 10
    • Article Pageviews: 985
  3. Pure-Play Cloud Computing SaaS Stocks Rebounded In June
    • UP 1.0% in June (DOWN 8.0% YTD)
    • Number of Constituents: 11
    • Article Pageviews: 1027
  4. Clinical-Stage AI-Focused Drug Discovery Stocks Declined 10% In June
    • DOWN 10.4% in June (DOWN 39.0% YTD)
    • Number of Constituents: 6
    • Article Pageviews: 934
  5. These 4 Pure-Play Quantum Computing Stocks Fell 13.6%, On Average, In June
    • DOWN 13.6% in June (DOWN 35.8% YTD)
    • Number of Constituents: 4
    • Article Pageviews: 1029

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