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This article is a bit lengthy but, if you bear with me to the end, I believe you will conclude that if we become the leaders we will enjoy yet another new age. If we do not, green extremists will come into our caves and snuff out our polluting candles, assuming we have survived choking to death from breathing the filthy air outside.


The biblical story was about human governments refusing to bow to God. My story today is about political “leaders" who are willfully refusing to accept that our present behaviour will ensure we die of pollution long before we freeze or boil to death as threatened by the armies of climate change “experts” paid by governments with our tax money and ignored by many of those governments anyway.

Today we face a moment in history. The very thing created by man, and which changed man’s life in a positive way - controlled energy generation - now threatens to destroy that life unless we get two dangerous byproducts - pollution and head in the sand political leaders - disrupted.

This Financial Times article tells more about the environment many of us are being forced to live in and what we, the people, are doing about it.

Paradoxically that pollution and increasing energy demand also provides excellent opportunities for people, companies and investors to bypass those “leaders” who ignore the threat of pollution for short term political gain. We can do this by investing in Skypull, Twingtec, Insolight, Innolith and ABB (NYSE:ABB).

A recent report by the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change states the rise in global concentrations of carbon dioxide, CO2, has risen ten times faster in the past decade than for any sustained period in the past 800,000 years. They concluded that these increases must fall to zero by the 2040s. In 2019 greenhouse gas emissions are likely to rise again after hitting a record high in 2018!

2040 is not far away in the lives of many of the world’s younger people today but the only outcome of such reports is solely an excuse to hold yet more climate change conferences around the world. Accordingly another was held in Poland recently. There the filthiest of coal is used to generate electricity and, in the part where the conference was held, children’s lungs are in the same poor condition they would be after smoking several thousand cigarettes!

Not bothering themselves with minor facts like that around 10,000 delegates plus hundreds of media reporters arrived from around the world on pollution generating aircraft to stay in hotels and attend meetings in vast conference halls requiring huge amounts of electricity, for heating and lighting, from those filthy coal fired power stations.

The many aircraft used so unnecessarily for that event added to the near 30,000 polluting European skies - part of the near 200,000 flying globally - each and every day.

I live in Unterengstringen, near Zürich, in environmentally conscious Switzerland - The Land of Milk and Money - where we have clean hydro power in our house but outside the air can be anything but clean. Switzerland is one of Europe’s cross roads for truck, train and air traffic and I took this photo from our garden recently.

This is typical of any time of the day with four or five planes always overhead pouring filthy emissions down on us. On some days when the atmospheric conditions are not so good the stench is awful and sometimes falls on us like fine rain. The

just reported that carbon emissions rose 3.4% in the US in 2018, much of that due to jet-fuel use.

Those planes also fly over some of tomorrow’s power generating and pollution disruptors being nurtured by the European Space Agency Business Incubation Centre, ESA BIC, that is part of one of Europe’s top technical universities, ETH.

Three companies of the companies I mentioned above are in the ESA BIC fold; Skypull, Twingtec and Insolight. But first I will say more of that immediate threat to our lives:


Today the biggest producer of one of the most dangerous emissions, CO2, is coal. Ironically coal was an important part of the positive transformation of human life that started around 200 years ago with the Industrial Revolution. It still produces 37% of our electricity according to the World Coal Association. China uses it for around 80% and many people living in some cities there are choking to death. The US has reduced its use to 30% thanks to cleaner, low cost shale gas and no thanks to Old King Coal Trump who would reverse that for short term political gain. Fortunately voters even in coal communities do not believe him and we are seeing signs of what I hope will become the norm; businesses coming clean and bypassing such “leaders”, as must we all.

Australia, with a mere 0.3% of the world’s population, produces 1% of global CO2 emissions due to overuse of lignite and contributes much more via massive exports of coal to China and India. India uses that for over 70% of their power generation. At home, in a country that has an abundance of natgas, the Australian Prime Minister is prioritising use of lignite instead of that much cleaner gas - a combination of corrupted political power and pollution that surely needs a disrupter!

I do no want to get into arguments with supporters of coal. I am well aware that Carbon Capture and Storage, CCS, technology exists and am equally aware it has not been used to any sufficient extent.

I have focused on coal here but other gases such as methane produced mainly by the oil and gas industry are dangerous too but that industry is showing signs of cleaning up, unlike coal producers. That means hope and there are signs too among tomorrow’s leaders:

We, the people - the political power and polluter disrupters

Australia may pollute above its weight but recently tomorrow's leaders - today’s school children - demonstrated for a cleaner environment. They were well mannered, intelligent and articulate. Instead of the country’s leader - the Prime Minister - meeting them and encouraging them he chose to tell them, in only slightly politer words, to "shut your mouths and get back into class”. Hopefully they will become the disrupters that country needs when they get to voting age.

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I have no positions in any stocks mentioned, but I may initiate a long position in ABB over the next 72 hours.

I wrote this article myself, and it expresses my own opinions. I ...

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Kurt Benson 8 months ago Member's comment

Do you still feel this way about these stocks?

James Hanshaw 8 months ago Author's comment

Hello, ABB sold off the microgrid part that I liked so I have kept away from them. Insolight is doing very well but remains private. I still like both Schneider and Air Liquide and featured the latter in this article recently;

Best wishes for 2021. James

Kurt Benson 8 months ago Member's comment

Thanks for the update James!

James Hanshaw 8 months ago Author's comment

A pleasure. Best wishes for 2021

James Hanshaw 1 year ago Author's comment

Those that read my article might find my latest one of interest

Alpha Stockman 1 year ago Member's comment

Any updates on this? Has your opinion changed since it was first written?

James Hanshaw 1 year ago Author's comment

Thank you for the follow up. My opinion has been hardened since I wrote that given the denial of problems by many political leaders including recently the PM of Australia whose country is the world’s worst per capita polluter in the world.

I like to look for solutions and found some very positives moves towards hydrogen that I put into this article a few days ago. James

Alpha Stockman 8 months ago Member's comment

You too James, hope to see more by you here.

Angry Old Lady 2 years ago Member's comment

Unfortunately, our current administration cares little for the environment.

James Hanshaw 2 years ago Author's comment

Thank you for reading. That lack of care is shared by many administrations around the world and their brainwashed followers. As an angry old man whose generation has caused much of this I am so pleased that future generations are protesting and are going to do something about it. Those young people protesting, that I mentioned in the article, are being joined now by the young in Britain, Switzerland and Belgium. The remote, elite "leaders" are scorning them but soon these people will be old enough to vote and I hope they use it to return that scorn, bury those corrupt "leaders" and lead us into a cleaner world in all respects. James