A Pitchfork Made With Gold

In the gold market, fear trade nirvana involves a tidal wave of institutional and retail capital coming out of the US stock market… and pouring into gold.

Can this fantasy become reality?Well, a case can be made that it is already starting to happen.

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GDX versus DIAbattle of the ETFs” chart

The technical action for GDX is superb.Note the important 10 and 100 moving averages converging towards a major buy signal.

An inverse H&S bottom pattern breakout is occurring at the same time.

While gold is a great haven when there is fear of deflation, it is only fear of inflation that can create a truly stunning institutional investor stampede out of the stock market and into the gold and silver miners.  

In 2019, I warned investors that a global virus cycle pointed to 2020 as a year of tremendous concern.That played out on cue and I issued major buy alerts for gold at $1450, and for the Dow at 18,300.

More recently, I warned that 2021-2025 is a war cycle time frame.Unfortunately, war and pestilence often go together.

Now, as Gaza turns into a war zone and American republican and democrat hatred for each other nears a breaking point, it will likely be many years before I issue another major buy signal for the stock market…

While there will be many more for gold.

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horrifying daily chart of the dollar versus gold

Should US fiat holders be nervous or even afraid?I think so!

Most wars could be avoided if governments were forced to eliminate income tax and adopt gold as money. 

The bottom line is that it is very difficult to spend money that you can’t extort, print, or borrow, but instead have to earn.

The macabre obsession with war mongering, debt, and fiat has ensured that America is finished as an empire.The only question is whether the disturbing train wreck continues to play out in slow motion, or whether it becomes an inflationary inferno.  

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