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I am currently a student in the Honors Program at Rutgers University majoring in Computer Science and Economics. I have been actively following Tesla and Bitcoin since their founding. I also currently hold an intern position at TalkMarkets in the Finance and Growth division.


Stay Prudent With Tesla
Tesla stock has long been appraised as a “future asset,” a stock that has future potential to shift the energy and automotive industries.


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Cryptocurrency: Sharp Rebounds Continue But Risks Remain
5 years ago

Usually what happens with currencies with market caps this high and coin-to-dollar conversions this unpredictable are "corrections." When Icarus flew too close to the sun he burned himself, when bitcoin hit a price its own users felt was too high, the value crashed. It's common for things like this to happen, but on the other hand look at the unbelievable upside #bitcoin, #litecoin, and other such currencies have had. If people play a risky game like this there are going to be huge returns, but don't forget about the large downsides as well. $BITCOMP

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Immune Pharma To Unlock Value And Create Two Separate Pure Play Companies; Cytovia, Immune
5 years ago

This article was extremely descriptive in defining the possible paths of Cytovia. In your personal opinion, do you think its smarter for Cytovia to follow the path of Celator or Tesaro?

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Should Investors Start Considering Robotics As A Core Position?
6 years ago

I feel as if this new robotics industry will hurt the economy in the beginning but will eventually grow our economy tremendously.

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It Begins: Walmart Warns Truckers It Will No Longer Work With Them If They Move Goods For Amazon
6 years ago

Interesting article! Amazon is a behemoth and I feel as if smaller competitors of Amazon have realized that "if you can't beat 'em join 'em." Walmart being a rather large competitor of Amazon isn't so easily giving up its position.

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Litecoin Explodes Higher After Flood Of Chinese, Korean Buying In Search Of Latest Cryptobubble
6 years ago

The recent "flash crash" has scared a lot of investors from cryptocurrency. Yet, I feel as if this crash was nothing more than another bump in the way of this sector's growth. What do you think about this?

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Projecting The Price Of Bitcoin
6 years ago

It's not that there is necessarily one that is better, but there is a huge differentiation between the success of some over others. Many cryptocurrencies are very unstable and can cause serious gains and losses for investors whereas some are somewhat more stable: bitcoin, ether, litecoin. If you have any more questions feel free to personally message me!

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Projecting The Price Of Bitcoin
6 years ago

One of the most honest and clear analyses of crypto-assets! I would love to hear your opinion on the addition of SegWit in LiteCoin and other such cryptocurrencies! Where do you suspect the value of LiteCoin to be in 2020, 2025, etc?

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Do Higher Prices Make Crypto-Assets Crypto-Currencies?
6 years ago

Great Analysis! Yet, I have a divergent view on the value of these types of currencies. Bitcoin and other such crypto assets have an exponential "future" intrinsic value that not many other assets can offer at this current time. They aren't like penny stocks yet can give return percentages way higher than penny stocks. On the other hand, they also can devalue in that same rate. It all depends on if you are a risky and optimistic investor.

Moreover, I feel as if something that is really going to push some of these "cryptocurrencies" through the roof is Segregated Witness or "SegWit" for short. What are your opinions on SegWit and how do you think it is going to affect the prices of these assets, especially LiteCoin? I would love to hear your opinion!

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