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4 Sector ETFs To Tap At New Highs
Barry Hochhauser 8/21/2018 6:37:28 PM

I have my eyes on $PEP. Especially with their acquisition of $SODA. A smart move as healthier drink options are becoming increasingly more important.

AdvanSix - Chart Of The Day
Joel Santiago 10/9/2017 9:17:19 PM

Thanks Jim, could you do an analysis on SodaStream? $SODA

McDonald's Downgraded As U.S. Restaurant Trends Seen Slowing
Alexa Graham 6/23/2016 1:45:02 AM

I hear there will be a soda sales tax soon. That will hurt $KO, $PEP and the other soda companies. I wonder if it will apply to SodaStream ($SODA). Regardless, it shouldn't affect restaurants though - they charge just as much for water!

Keurig Kold: Down But Not Out for Coca-Cola
Oil Baron 6/14/2016 9:23:49 PM

Personally, I'm a fan of Soda Stream and everyone I've recommended it to, loves it. I think $SODA will do well. But I have to say, I'm impressed #Keurig is issuing refunds. It's of course the smart move from a customer retention perspective, but many companies wouldn't have bothered.

A Bitter Start To 2015 For This Beverage Innovator
Cynthia Decker 6/1/2015 10:07:02 PM

Would have to agree with the article. Especially in the case of Sodastream ($SODA). I'm bearish.

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