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Peter Kennan On His Philosophy To Deep Value Investing With A Corporate Finance Twist
Peter Kennan takes a deep value approach with an interesting corporate finance strategy to create value maximizing catalysts for his investors.
3 Of Our Favorite Stocks In Steve Mandel's Portfolio...
Steve Mandel is a Tiger Cub who founded Lone Pine Capital in 1997. He has a higher turnover than most of the investors we follow. This article covers three companies from Mandel’s portfolio that we find interesting.
Intel…Are Shares Attractive At Current Levels?
For the upcoming quarter, management says they expect revenue to come in around $14.8 billion and gross margins to stay around 62%.
Underperformance…Is It A Necessary Evil?
You will underperform. We will all underperform at multiple points while investing in the stock market. I hate to break it to you, but it’s an inevitable fact of life that we will underperform the market from time to time — and it’s perfectly OK!
Know Your Competition…
What’s good for investors is not necessarily good for Wall Street (and vice versa). The interests are not aligned properly for Wall Street to serve as stewards of long-term capital.
My TEDx Talk: Is This The Death Of Investing?
How individual investors are leaving the marketplace and how they can use a simple mental model to help understand investing and invest better. (Video length 00:15:45)


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Conducts In-depth interviews with the top value investors of today.

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Authentic Capital, LLC
May 2014 - Present (9 years)
Senior Portfolio Manager and Investment Officer
Capital Instincts USVI
September 2007 - November 2012 (5 years 3 months)
Created and implemented a long-term, multidisciplinary, absolute return oriented, value investing approach to investment decisions within the company.

Executed a long-term fundamental value-based approach to company selection; emphasizing durable competitive advantages, low multiples to free cash flow, earnings power and asset values.

Advised private investment of subsidiary businesses, covering various asset classes.

Total returns beat all major U.S. indices while managing the value portfolio since Jan 2010.

Presented, assisted, and interacted daily with the CEO/CIO on issues related to investment decisions.

Developed and maintained approved equity long and short lists for traders.

Provided analysis and due diligence for approved investment list for traders.

Researched new areas of investment opportunity.

Idea generation backed by fundamental (90%) and technical analysis (10%).


University of Central Florida
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2001 / 2005


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Lukas Neely

Lukas Neely is a former Hedge Fund Portfolio Manager. He gave up his "cush" job to help individuals invest better. Plain and simple! 

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Based on real world experience managing millions of dollars, extensive research, and one-on-one interviews with some of the top performing investing experts and minds in the world—from Mitch Kovitz, Vitaliy Katsenelson, Jon Shapiro, and many more—Lukas Neely has created a simple 5-step multidisciplinary blueprint that anyone can use to create investing success through value investing. 

Neely has a great way of using real world examples, case studies, and stories to illustrate even the most complex investing concepts—making them simple and actionable. 

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