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Preferred Shares Pummeled
Article By: Bespoke Investment Group
Friday, October 5, 2018 3:29 PM EDT
One area of fixed income that’s gotten hit especially hard in recent days has been preferred shares.
In this article: PFF, LQD
ETF Watchlist: Week Of December 11, 2017
Article By: David Dierking
Monday, December 11, 2017 11:24 AM EDT
As we get ready to wrap up 2017, many investment houses have already begun turning their attention to 2018.
In this article: KIE, BOTZ, PFF, VLUE Also: IAK, KBWP, ROBO, AIEQ, PGX, FPE
Preferred Stocks: Performance, Volatility And Risk-Adjusted Returns
Article By: SureDividend
Sunday, April 23, 2017 5:50 PM EDT
Preferred stocks offer investors the opportunity to diversify away from typical common stock investments. They also offer lower volatility and fantastic risk-adjusted returns.
In this article: WFC, PFF, PGF, PGX, VRP, FPE, AGG, SPY, VEU
Preferred Stock ETFs Face New Test
Article By: David Fabian
Monday, March 13, 2017 12:51 PM EDT
Income investors have several attractive preferred stock ETFs at their disposal and new entrants are raising the bar even further. How these funds will react to additional upside in interest rates if that is indeed the prevailing trend through 2017?
In this article: PFF, VRP Also: HSBC, WFC, ALLY, PGX, EPRF
Are High Yield ETFs Becoming Too Hot To Handle?
Article By: David Fabian
Saturday, February 18, 2017 6:26 PM EDT
Many income investors are smitten with the returns of high yield investments. The steady march higher in assets like junk bonds, preferred stocks, emerging market debt and leveraged closed-end funds has remunerated shareholders for their faith.
In this article: HYS, HYG, EMB, PFF


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