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E In My Opinion, The Value Of The Fail To Redeem Clause Is Greatly Overstated Part II
Apparently, my warnings concerning the FTR clause have fallen on deaf ears.
E X-Date Trading Tactics Designed For Short-Term Gains
Although there are a large number and variety of trading strategies, the strategies I have developed are based almost entirely on quarterly paid dividends and their all-important x-dates.
E The Nuts And Bolts Of Dividend Investing
All dividend investors should be familiar with and fully understand the following four dividend related dates: the declaration date, the record date, the x-date, and the dividend payment date.
E Ashford Hospitality Trust From The Perspective Of A Preferred Investor
With the majority of preferred equities priced at inordinately high levels, it's difficult to find preferred shares offering attractive yields. Although a bit risky at this time, Ashford Hospitality Trust preferreds might be worth a second look.
E NuStar Energy From The Perspective Of A Preferred Investor
NuStar Energy L.P. engages in the terminalling, storage, and marketing of petroleum products. Its market cap is valued at 2.8 billion dollars, a large-cap company.
E How To Become A Successful Preferred Equity Investor
Preferred investors need an entirely different perspective. What's considered good or bad for the common shareholder might not necessarily be the same for you.


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Water, Abundant Yet Scarce: A Solution
2 days ago

Yeah, real safe, Tex:

Eleven American service members were injured in last week's Iranian missile attack on al-Asad air base in Iraq, a US military official told CNN, despite the Pentagon initially saying there were no casualties. (In case you didn't know, "casualties" doesn't always mean deaths but also military personnel wounded.) Some service members were flown to Germany to be treated and assessed, the US-led coalition fighting ISIS in Iraq and Syria said. In other news out of Iran, the country's President, Hassan Rouhani, claimed Iran is enriching more uranium and its nuclear industry is thriving more now than before it signed the multinational nuclear deal in 2015. Rouhani didn't talk specifics, but it's not an easy thing to hear as a trio of remaining powers in the deal -- Germany, France and the UK -- scramble to keep it from unraveling after the recent spate of aggression between Iran and the US.

Water, Abundant Yet Scarce: A Solution
2 days ago

P. S. The fool doesn't even believe in climate change. How is that making us safe?

Water, Abundant Yet Scarce: A Solution
2 days ago

The economy is great for the super-wealthy and those who don't give a damn about the soaring debt, over a trillion more his year and counting. As for our security, his moves in the Middle East are doing anything but make us secure. He abandoned our Kurdish allies on little more than a call from Erdogan. His killing of Solaimani almost got us into a shooting war with Iran that was avoided because they had the good sense to warn our troops of the impending missile attack that would have killed all of them. He takes the word of Putin above our intelligence community. Heis move in Ukraine for political gains has not made us safe, on the contrary in works to Putin's advantage. He has weakened NATO. He wants to use our troops as mercenaries to fight for Saudi Arabia because they'll pay us, or is it him. Yeah, he made us safer by legitimizing the Rocket Man in N. Korea. What did we get for it? He gives up state secrets by using unsecured phones, especially after accusing Hillary of doing it. He's given over the Middle East to Putin and Iran by his actions in Syria. None of our allies trust us any longer. Who can trust a pathological liar? He is as dumb as a bump on a log and knows little about history or geography. India in relation to China? Where have you been? Where do you get your news, Texan? I could go on, but why bother, if you don't know any of this by now, I fear that you will never know because of your obvious ideological blindness. Hint: escape the right-wing bubble for a week and you might learn what is really happening.

Ashford Hospitality Trust From The Perspective Of A Preferred Investor
5 days ago

Alexis, My book should answer any questions you might ever have.

In this article: AHT
Water, Abundant Yet Scarce: A Solution
5 days ago

I don't think he cares about anything or anyone other than himself and his bank account. A true sociopath.

Ashford Hospitality Trust From The Perspective Of A Preferred Investor
9 days ago

The preferreds of $DCP, $NS. It's tough to find decent yields currently because of the inordinately high preferred prices across the boards. I recommend patience.

In this article: AHT
Ashford Hospitality Trust From The Perspective Of A Preferred Investor
10 days ago

Consequently, Barry, you have the numbers for which preferred is the best buy at the prices as of last night. Figure which is best currently and place your bet.

In this article: AHT
Water, Abundant Yet Scarce: A Solution
11 days ago

Unfortunately, our short-term thinkers appear incapable of thinking much beyond tomorrow.

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Elections Have Consequences II
After I wrote several articles warning against a Trump presidency, the Seeking Alpha editors urged that I no longer post the following as regular articles but rather as blog posts. Evidently they were disturbed by the controversy each elicited.
Water, Abundant Yet Scarce: A Solution
Climate change is aggravating an already existing problem in the USA: Too much water in parts of our country and too little elsewhere. Let's fix it. Here's how.
Boarding School, Aka Prep School, For All
For as long as I can remember, and I'm certain even before then, there have been sincere and not so sincere attempts to break the cycle of poverty rampant in areas of our country. Here's an outside-the-box idea worth considering.

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