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The Tail Wags the Tesla Brontosaurus
Dean Gilmore 11/11/2021 4:51:21 AM

Onsemi $ON is a must buy for relative price strength. insider trades 230k on 8-Nov. EPS growth rate 53.9% compares favorably with industry 22.3%. broad portfolio of energy efficient solutions. extensive community of partners. cloud solutions i.e. AMZN, image signal processors i.e. NVDA. ER beat upbeat outlook. coiling up really tight after another gap up — one $5 semi flying under the radar to get in cheap before earnings & held by hedgies is $OSS maker of computing systems for EV market i.e. Tesla, AI, defense, finance, & entertainment. to present at the Roth 10th Annual Technology Conference, 17-Nov. look at this daily. reversal is taking off. Next ER 11-11. big move on the way.

End of the World History Chart Updated…
Mike Faragut 11/5/2021 1:38:17 AM

The end of the world hype is very very real, one could say as real as it is with semi’s. here are the next — $ON manufacturer & seller of semiconductor components for the EV market. ER beat, upbeat outlook. curling off support. a big move on the way. getting in cheap on $OSS maker of specialized high-performance edge computing modules & systems for AI, defense, finance, & entertainment applications. look at this daily. reversal is taking off & pay attention to $RMBS provider of chips & intellectual property closed acquisitions of AnalogX & PLDA, bolstering Silicon IP business & CXL Memory Interconnect Initiative. incredible chart & big volume recently

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